Ethical T-shirt Printing with Soil Association accreditation


The way companies do business is slowly changing for the better. We do our bit where we can and have worked hard to source ethically and environmentally produced products if our customers require them.

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We offer a greener option than other t-shirt printers

At Shirtworks we offer a line of organic, Fairtrade, Fair Wear Foundation, recycled and ethical clothing which we try to add to all the time. You can see what companies hold which accreditations here. This is by no means a new concept for us - these are products that we have offered for many years now.
The origins of our t shirts and cotton used are very important to us; the cotton we use is organic and ethically sourced as well as being environmentally friendly. We also make a conscious effort to be as eco friendly as possible, minimising our carbon footprint, and do not use any child labour throughout the process. We can use a selection of water-based inks to produce designs with the same level of impact as traditional plastic-based solutions.

Shirtworks obtains Soil Association accreditation


Shirtworks is very pleased to have now obtained Soil Association Accreditation. This certification dictates certain organic standards for both a range of organic garments as well as screen printing and embroidery processes. At the time of writing, this means that Shirtworks is Europe's ONLY certified organic garment embroidery company and ethical t-shirt printers.

Organic T-shirt Printers

The Soil Association Accreditation provides a comprehensive set of organic principles that guide our work and standards. Therefore, whenever our customers need to ethically source a range of organic and Fairtrade t-shirts and sweat shirts, it is these standards that will give them confidence in the finished customised product as one of organic, ethical and environmentally friendly origin.

The requirements of the Soil Association Certification are as follows:

  • All organic products using Soil Association certified garments are marked and tracked through the supplier chain and Shirtworks production and delivery. They are subject to a quarantine procedure whereby they are kept separate from all other orders.

  • All preparation and production surfaces are prepared using organic materials and liquids.

  • Screen printing - we only use designated Soil Association approved inks.

  • Embroidery - we only use Soil Association approved threads and backing products.

  • Goods out and packaging - Shirtworks staff are made aware of organic orders in advance so any required surfaces can be prepared and packaged in organic bags (if required). They are then repacked in the same boxes used by our suppliers. Standard polythene bags are NOT used at any time.

  • Waste and recycling - we have also reviewed all of our processes to recycle and reduce waste were possible. Giraffe Innovation Ltd ('Britain's Leading Eco Design Consultancy' The Guardian) have audited our packaging processes and provided us with a policy of waste reduction which we have implemented thus reducing our carbon footprint for all outgoing packaging.

  • Staff - we employ a fun, safe and free working environment (see our Shirtworks video). We do not employ child labour and these principles are employed across the entire supply and production chain.