Digital Printing (DTG) for T Shirts & Clothing



We're a trusted digital printing (Direct to garment - DTG) company. We offer a quality digital printing on a range of garments. It's one of our specialities, and it works brilliantly.

We've been printing digitally on fabrics for five years and have perfected the technique. We've recently upgraded our machinery so it's the latest version, the best available technology. And that's why our results are so good: clear, bright, accurate, sharp, long-lasting and beautiful.

Why should you use custom digital printing (DTG) for clothing printing?

Quite simply, high resolution results. What really sets our state of the art digital printing press apart from other printing processes is the quality high resolution results you get, perfect for detailed and complex designs. Because there's no time-consuming set-up to do, like there was with old-school litho print tech, it's perfect for low quantity orders, with a minimum order of just one garment.

What is digital clothing printing and how does it work?

Digital 'inkjet' technology was invented in the late 1960s but didn't become widely available until the 1990s, when it revolutionised the print industry. Beforehand, small print runs on huge litho machines were so expensive they weren't worth doing. These days there are specialised print machines to handle everything from paper, canvas and vinyl to a range of fabrics, and inks used by a digital clothing printer are specially formulated for different types of material.

During the digital printing process, we feed the item we're printing on through the printer on rollers. The machine applies the ink as thousands of tiny droplets. We then finish the job with heat to cure the ink so it doesn't run in the wash. Garments printed using a digital t shirt printer wash and wear in exactly the same way as any other fabric.

Which garment types are best for digital printing?

The quality of the garment has a direct effect on the quality of the print. While every garment prints in a unique way, our 100% cotton Ts are a must. We fully expect the technology to move on, and move fast, making printing onto 100% polyester a possibility in the near future. Right now, the garments with the tightest weave deliver the best results, so we recommend choosing from the top price range on our site rather than the lower cost options.

Digital printing t shirts comes with another handy advantage. Printing on dark shirts gives you a lovely soft feel, not that horrible shiny plastic feel you get from cheap printed t shirts. It can make a massive difference to the feel of the shirt when your design involves large blocks of colour.

Quick tips for your digital printing artwork

For best results, produce your artwork to 300dpi. If you need help because your artwork isn't a high enough resolution, we can do it for you. We've also have good results even with lower resolutions thanks to our brilliant machinery.

We accept most design file formats including jpg, png, psd, ai and pdf. Jpg files will have a background colour, normally white. We'll ask you before removing it.

Bear in mind digital printing works best with artwork involving tones, gradients and shading. If your artwork is a simple design, consider one of our other printing methods.

Our ink manufacturers recommend a 30c wash, although we're very happy with our test-wash results at 40c.

The pros and cons of digital printing

Pros – High resolution, detailed prints, soft to touch prints, a minimum order of one, lasts well.

Cons - Can be expensive, can only print onto 100% cotton garments, and you might get some minor variation between prints.

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