Promotional Clothing Design Consultancy

At Shirtworks we are able to offer artwork and design consultancy for your promotional clothing and branded garments.

This maybe as little as ‘tidying up’ a logo or design ready to be used for screen printing or embroidery or it maybe as much as creating a complete design for use on a range of promotional clothing.

Our designers are an arty lot and they love being tested! If you have an idea for a brand but are having trouble thinking how it could be used on a clothing range then contact us – we can help.

For some clients who intend producing branded garments on an on-going basis, clothing production costs become very important. At Shirtworks we understand this and appreciate how different processes, colour ranges, and print designs can have an effect, either positively or negatively on margins.

Our designers are well versed in helping clients achieve the best possible look to any range of garments whilst maximizing profits. Just call us on 0800 0725334 to talk your ideas through.