Transfer Printing for T Shirts & Clothing


Our transfers are produced using the latest printing technolgies and we can offer a wide varity of tranfers, depending on your design and quantities you require. One of our methods is to print in spot coliurs much like screen printing but we can achieve greater detail and there are no screen charges. layers of ink are built up and the process is limited to 5 colours. Our other favoured method is to use a printer that is capable of printning white ink which we print onto special paper and then heat transfer this onto the transfer film. Both methods require us to then heat transfer this onto the garment. 

Both of these methods are not to be confused with trabsfer prints that you might have seen at instant copy shops. Our transfers don't need a border of ink or a solid block and you are not limited to shape.  Both methods produce professionally looking garments.

We reccommend transfer when going onto sport garments, lycra, breathable fabrics, sports bags, umbrellas and many other items. The transfer will stretch and flex with the garment and can be tumble dried. example of a transfer