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The world is now a much smaller place.

The internet has made it smaller, it has made us all more ‘global’.


You can now more easily make a purchase from a country on the other side of the world than you can by getting off the sofa, getting out of your onesie and trudging into town on a cold winter day.

Shirtworks is global.

We have customers in far flung locations as Verbier, Los Angeles, Dortmund, Paris and Birmingham.


Our headquarters location is situated just 45 minutes from the south of this great conurbation and with modern technology, a great website and a logistics infrastructure that means we can deliver same day to Birmingham, if we need to, Shirtworks is ideally placed to serve the whole city.

The city of Birmingham also happens to be one of our favourite places since Peaky Blinders illuminated our dark living rooms and office conversations.

We are, however, very happy that the smokey industrial landscape and machine gun wielding psychopaths have been replaced by super friendly Brummies and beautiful modern urban architecture that slithers around the city like a glittery python.

Super friendly Brummies love buying printed and embroidered clothing.

This is evident from the hundreds of super friendly Brummie customers we have that regularly call us up from the City of Birmingham.

There is a definite majority that purchase work wear from Shirtworks and this must be down to the concentration of big successful businesses requiring printed or embroidered clothing to kit out their large workforces.

We have supplied work-wear trousers into Walsall, coveralls into Cannock, Tunics into Telford, suits into Solihull and work-wear jackets into Wolverhampton.

Work wear is not the only thing super friendly Brummies seem to like buying.

Printed T shirts and hoodies are a favourite with the BCU students clubs and societies as well as a huge number of sports clubs and fitness centres.

Sports teams and clubs love our selection of athletic wear.

Our location and close proximity means that our Birmingham customers can come to our showroom and see the products for themselves before committing to those large orders. We have over 3000 products in our online catalogue and approximately 500 pcs as samples in our office.

If you are travelling from Birmingham, please speak to your account manager first to make sure they have your samples in, as we cannot hold every item.

We also have a ‘plain items sampling service’ which means we can send samples as a small cost which is refunded when you return the items. There is a small cost to cover the administration of the service.

A super friendly Brummie once said……….

“If you want to be a Brummie that's all right with us, bab,”


An anonymous super friendly Brummie once said….

“I went to a fancy dress party in Birmingham where the theme was “spice”. I went as a chilli but everyone else was an astronaut”

 *Free delivery for printed and embroidered orders over £200.00 to the Birmingham postcde area

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