Work Shirts Explained


Finding the perfect shirts…we have come up with a couple of tips to help you as you browse through our catalogue of personalised work shirts

Most customers tend to go for shirts which are described as “fitted” or “tailored”.In hopes to look more professional and in uniform, But what most buyers don’t understand is that everyone has a different shape and only catering for two body types is a recipe for disaster and in most instances is a costly mistake.

When buying uniform for a team it is best to order some samples of different styles and fits, fits such as: fitted, slim fit, tailored and standard fit. You can also mix and match between long, short and oxford shirts within your ordering

A Fitted​​ fit shirt,is designed to hug the chest, arms and waist area whilst. The shirt should feel snug but not too tight. If the shirt is too tight and you find yourself spilling out. This may not be the best style for you or some of your team members.

Brands to look out for which offer both excellent quality and style are: Kustom Kit, Henbury, Sol’s, Kariban, and Russells. These brands offer, short, long and Oxford style shirts for men and women

A Slim fit shirt is designed to fit like second skin and is usually better suited for slimmer, petite men and women. A slim shirt offers, shorter sleeves, curved hem, which means that when the garment is tucked it, it is perfect.

Brands with a fantastic range: Henbury, Kustom Kit, B&C

A Tailored fit shirt is made for the average person, however the difference is that the garment offers more shape around the shoulder, collar, and sleeve. This style we usually suit the whole team, but you have to order the correct sizes for each individual and not what is deemed ‘to probably fit’.

Brands to look out for: Russell, B&C, Henbury and Fruit of the Loom.

A Standard fit, this is a shirt, which has been made lose, no darts, no curved hem and often do not have a collar buttons. This fit tends to be a crowd pleaser as it often offers a wide range of sizes which all the other fits do not.

Brands to look out for: Russell, Premier, B&C, Uneek, and Henbury.

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