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19 years in business (10 years younger than us!) means that B&C are just emerging from their teen years, about to blossom into a beautiful adult.

It is often said that beauty is only ‘skin deep’.

True beauty lies within and is usually a product of honesty, kindness and generosity. If you can manage to couple these values and qualities to something that is externally attractive, you create real beauty.

B&C have achieved this and we are delighted to have their brand as part of our Shirtworks.

All of their products are Fair Wear. An important set of values in an increasingly globalised economy, where emerging nations are under constant pressure to provide developed economies with fast consumable fashion.

What we love about B&C is the attention to detail, the care they take with their styling and the diverse product range, which covers every market one way of the other.

If you are in Hospitality, Promotional, Uniforms, Professional wear, Workwear, Tourism, Music and entertainment, Fashion and retail, School and Team Kids or sport and leisure; there is something for you.

We have cherry picked some items below.


The BA713 is a good example of a product that covers both male and female requirements. Semi cut away collar for a more contemporary look. 100% cotton and comes in 5 colours.

Many of our clients are in the catering/restaurant sector and this shirt is great with an embroidered logo on left breast.

Catering puts a heavy demand on the performance of its garments with frequent hot washes.

Embroidery is always better for garments that need to withstand these types of rigor.

130gsm means the wearer is not going to overheat while working hard to keep your customers happy. Below are some more examples from the range. Click image for more info.

When assessing which shirt is best for you, there are 3 things you need to think about; Weight, composition and tailoring.

Most shirts are in the 130-155gsm range. Lighter garments are usually cheaper and cooler to wear.

Most shirts have a cotton content but this is variable from 100% to 50% with the balance made up of polyester, Lycra or elastane.

‘Stretch-fits’ will have a 3-5% elastane or Lycra weave. The tailoring options are either ‘standard’ or ‘fitted’. You need to decide who your staff are and what is best for your business.

Fashion and Retail

This is where B&C has most to offer.

If you are starting your own youth positioned brand, there is something for you here. Here are some of our favourites.

Many of the new products from B&C have a vintage/denim/enzyme washed look. When choosing your print process for these items it is worth considering following the same them with your artwork and print finish. Water-based discharge printing is a good option

B&C has the most comprehensive range of clothing for kids that are FAIR WEAR. No other brand has so many products on offer.

Outerwear such as wind resistant or softshell jackets will always be best embroidered as it is difficult to get ink to stick to treated nylon and difficult to do multicolour work.

As always, our sales staff (your account managers) are trained to offer you the very best advice.

There are over 2000 products on our catalogue pages and many have been thoroughly road tested but remember that no amount of advice is a better option than you seeing the products yourself.

Shirtworks has a plain samples service where you can order garments from our website and then return them within 14 days for an 85% refund.

We need to charge a 15% handling fee to cover the admin and return of the garments to the manufacturers when you have finished assessing them.

Ask your account manager if you need more info.

Author: Arron Harnden.


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