The power of branded clothing…..

You work in the Marketing department or you run a small business.

In the current economic climate you are experiencing a squeeze on your advertising budget. You know that you simply cannot cease all marketing activity but you need to make sure you get the biggest ‘bang for you buck’.

It is not easy. You know that print media is in it’s ‘death throws’, you know that the audience is sourcing its information online, you know that the average person is exposed to more than 3000 commercial messages in a typical week and is totally ‘zoning out’ where standard visual advertising is concerned. Digital advertising represents one part of the future of where your advertising budget will be spent as the ‘real world’ slowly disappears in favor of the virtual.But hold your horses, cool your jets and realise the power of branded clothing in the ‘real world’!

There are at least three ways your company can use branded clothing.

1 Uniform for your staff

It’s a no-brainer. Your staff need to be working hard to promote your business wherever and whenever they can.

Remember that they are your walking bill boards. Why not print a massive ‘call to action’ on the back of the garment in the same way you would on your print or digital advertising. ‘Ask me about XYZ’ or ‘call 0800 123456 to book your appointment’ is a far better use of space than just your company logo.

Why not print a massive QR code with a teaser at the bottom saying, ‘scan here to see me naked’. That would get my attention, make me laugh and might even compel me to act.

The website landing page can simply follow through with the joke but not actually put your staff through the embarrassment of having to expose themselves for the good of the company. super-impose their body on a gorillas body for example and ask them to take part in a competition where you harvest their contact info for further marketing or just use the contact point as a ‘brand building’ opportunity.Bingo!!!

2 Promotional giveaways to existing customers

There are over 650 000 promotional products available to chose from but a study in 2004 by Carlton and Blaise revealed that those that are ‘wearable’s’ are by far the most popular at 29% of the total market.

Film distributors who launch straight to DVD use T shirts as a low-cost value add giveaway which gets bundled with the DVD in a special box. Their aim is to have the buying audience propagate awareness of the release amongst their peers and in public by wearing the T-shirt. This reduces marketing costs and creates a ‘slow burn’ effect as your customers proudly wear their T shirt to the pub and then the disco and then the clinic.Bingo!!


3 Promotional giveaways to prospects

So, you are at that trade show,your prospect has a bag full of freebies they have harvested from all the other stands they have visited.They are staring at you while you do your best to describe how your product is going to revolutionise the way they do business. You feel forlorn as you see there gaze start to de-focus and you realise you are losing them. Don’t worry!; you have that t shirt with your augmented reality print ready to pull them back into focus. You tell the customer to whip out their mobile phone, quickly scan a QR code you have to hand and then point their phone camera at the T shirt.

Your prospect is gobsmacked at the resulting performance and cannot wait to get home to show his missus (or mister) and the kids. You have created such delight and wonder that your prospect talks about your T shirt to his colleague. You have created an impression,a chance at front of mind recall and just quadrupled your chances of selling your product to that prospect.Bingo!!!

Shirtworks is currently developing a way to offer augmented reality to its customers. AR is the future and your brand needs to be represented in that us to find out more.

Some clever examples of how a t-shirt can be used creatively….

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