The Importance Of Quality: Why Choose Ethical?

Choosing The Quality Of Ethically Produced Goods

Ethical Clothing QualityEthical clothing implies that the clothing has been produced while giving the workers fair wages, keeping the effect on the environment to a minimum and offering workers fair conditions.

Ethical clothing companies ensure that the workers producing their goods are given fair and stable wages as well as avoids the use of animal skin and damage to the surrounding environment. Workers hired by ethical clothing companies can be certain of a clean, hygienic environment without the fear of violence through forced overtime hours or low wages.

Unfortunately, relatively few people choose ethical clothing products because they can be more expensive due to the added care and attention to the environment and the workers in the industry. In turn, companies tend to be less willing to invest in ethical pieces because there are less people willing to spend money on higher priced products. However, having said that, since the disaster in Bangladesh and its high profile in the media, people are becoming further aware of the need for ethical priorities in the fashion industry. This disaster, alongside the work of The Ethical Fashion Forum which covers an expansive network of ethical professionals, work together to raise awareness for the need of ethical products and help to grow the market and audience for ethical fashion.

Ethical clothing is not all about protecting the environment and people. To offset the possibility of unethical practices earning a larger chunk of the fashion market and industry, ethical clothing is often of far better quality than its rival. This means that whilst it can appear more expensive, you are getting better quality for your money. Owner of Shirtworks, Andy Timmins, says, “Ethically made garments tend to be heavier in weight and the higher quality fabrics tend to be used.” He adds that, “Ethical suppliers can’t compete on price, so they give a better product.”


Cotton clothing production has often been linked to bad ethical practices alongside child labour which has been openly linked to huge corporate clothing manufacturing brands in the media. Andy Timmins says that, “Ethically made t-shirts are mostly made from 100% combed cotton which gives a nice soft feel and gives great printing results as the surface is smoother.” This is proof that it is possible to have quality cotton clothing production without the need to damage the environment or people around the industry.

In opposition to any unethical practice, Shirtworks uses suppliers that adhere to the FairTrade Foundation, FairWear Foundation, Responsible Apparel Productions and Oeko-Tex guidelines and requirements. Andy stated that, “Quality tends to be higher in ethical garments than mass produced ones.” This is one of the many reasons that Shirtworks supplies customisable clothing from a range of ethical and sustainable production processes.


Shirtworks offers a myriad of different products that are ethically made and fit into the FairTrade and FairWear foundation guidelines. To find them simply click on Clothing and select ‘FairTrade & FairWear’ from the Purposes column on the left.

B&C X-Lite Soft Shell Jacket is a mens FairWear product that comes in navy, green moss, deep red and black. It is waterproof, windproof and breathable and offers a full zip with inner stormflap and chin protector.

Stella Wants Organic T-Shirt is a ladies t-shirt that is made from organic cotton and can be ordered in a range of different colours from burgundy or mustard yellow to plum or bottle green. The fine weave used offers a smooth surface which ensures excellent printing results and the waist line hem features a slight curve offering a better fit.

Stanley Tours Zoodie is a mens single jersey lined hood that comes in eight colours ranging from stargazer green to heather grey. The rough cut pockets offer a stylish look with reinforced seams, metallic eyelets and zipper.

Stanley Rolls Tank Top is a mens Organic 2×2 Rib Tank Top that holds GOTS and FairWear Foundation certification. The tank top can be purchased in colours natural, white, black, khaki or heather grey.

Stella Likes Classic T-shirt is a ladies Organic Round Neck Class T-shirt that is made from organic certified cotton and is produced under the FairWear Foundation guidelines. The t-shirts features 1×1 rib to the neckline and is available in heather grey, natural, white, black, navy, red and royal blue.

For more information about Shirtworks ethical practices and the products that they have for sale within that remit, please contact us on 0800 072 5334.

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