The Bomber Jacket…not what is used to be.


Back in 1989 I was at Norwich train station when I saw 2 skinheads openly sniffing glue out of a paper bag.

They eyed me with brief, aggressive suspicion as I stared incredulously at their lack of discretion and then they went quickly about their business of getting high.

They were decked out in the usual uniform of the time, bleached jeans, 10 hole oxblood Doctor martins, white Fred Perry shirt with red braces and olive green bomber jacket.

It is a look that couldn’t be pulled off easily today but if you look carefully you will see the bomber jacket still lingering about but having been reinvented for a less openly pugnacious individual.

Today, it is easy to lay your hands on this classic item and embroider and have your logo embroidered onto it to make for a trendy outerwear garment for your staff or for your brand.

Swipe your thumb through these natty examples…

‚ÄčThe bomber jacket used to give off a ‘low rent’ vibe. Your working class boys uniform for the rebellious down-beaten, recession gripped UK male of the seventies.

Its genesis as a military aviators uniform and then its adoption buy Marlon Brando, who first strutted his vulnerable machismo onto our screens in the late 50’s followed by James Dean and then Steve Mcqueen, made it the outerwear for the hard man with a heart. Both utilitarian and stylish. It carried a message, somehow.

That message seems to still be here with some notable ‘A ‘listers loving the look.

You can’t deny it has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Time for you to consider it for your crew or your fashion brand.

Check these out and hit us up if have any questions.


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