The 10 Coolest T-Shirt Designs We’ve Seen in 2015

2015 is nowhere near finished, and we’ve already come across some of the best T-shirt designs we’ve seen in years. Whether you’re hitting a beach overseas, or staying at home to soak up the best of the British sunshine, you’re going to look fantastic in one of these T-shirts.

The Stussy Collage Tie-Dye

This isn’t your 60s tie-dye, peace symbol T-shirt. These are all over tie-dye prints, splashed with edgy messaging, images of the fashion icon you want to be, and a lot of urban cool.

Colourways come in blue, purple, and red, while the shirt itself comes in a regular fit from size S to XXL.

The Oldhead Biker Logo T

Oldhead has hardly kept their love of all things snowboarding, skating and surfing a secret, so how wonderful to see their ‘Never Stop Riding’ logo below a motorbike with wings.

In keeping with the look of every classic biker tee ever made, this 100% cotton tee comes in simple black. The bike brown logo’s stands out in minimal but effective tan design, making this a t-shirt destined for a few appreciative glances this summer.

A Nod Toward NASCAR

Anyone who sees you in this tee will be immediately ear-wormed by Wiz Khalifa. Black and yellow are the colours of NASCAR’s Caterpillar pit crew’s uniforms, and this jersey panelled custom tee by 10 Deep will make you feel right at home even if you’re only watching the rally on TV.

Rihanna’s BBHMM Tee

This Adam Selman Logo Baby Tee artfully depicts a red and white nail polish spill and drew more attention from some quarters than the music video itself. It’s not the easiest tee to get your hands on, but well worth it if you can.

Legalize Ted T-Shirt

Keeping our eyes trained on T-shirts from the screen, the Legalize Ted tee allows you to join the fight for Ted’s civil rights, as seen on the movie Ted 2. While you could pretend you’re wearing this tee to cheer children up with the sweet and innocent graphic of Ted looking hopeful, adults will know better. They’ll probably also guess that your take on civil rights is somewhat arbitrary. Whatever the case, it’s an extremely fine T-shirt.

The Consumer by SHOK-1

British aerosol graphic artist, SHOK-1 made waves when he spray-painted a wall in Germany with a yellow X-ray skull consuming dots like a mindless Pacman-Zombie. It’s a blunt statement that makes an electrifying T-shirt design, especially if the tee is black.

The Floral 91 Can: 91 Brand

Floral 91’s Night Watch collection was bound to make this list, but picking a favourite was a nightmare. Inspired by graffiti culture, the Floral 91 Can offsets the gritty symbolism of an aerosol can with the beauty of flowers. Stunning and impactful.

Kings All Over: 91 Brand

To be honest, 91 Brand deserve more than one mention. Kings All Over is a very cool, minimal tee that will never make you look at a deck of cards the same way again. What exactly is that look in the King’s eyes. Melancholy? Sympathy? A whiskey hangover? It’s the kind of T-shirt that displays very little but keeps pulling your eyes back for more.

Esca and the Fable

Esca is a hyper-cool brand out of Austria and the fable in question is Little Red Riding Hood. We all know the story, but Esca has created an artfully minimal piece that keeps the magic while displaying the story’s dark heart. Tweens, teens, and adults alike will love this tee.

The Metric T-Shirt

Just like T-shirts, surfing has seen brands and designs evolve or die. The Metric tee gives a respectful nod toward the defunct surf brands, featuring hand-drawn geometrical patterns as an all-over print. The Hundred’s mascot, Adam Bomb hides in the mix and the T-shirt is available in what the brand calls Black Geo, Purple Geo, and White Geo.

Create your own custom T-shirts

As these cool creations demonstrate, T-shirt design is continually moving with the times and reinventing itself.

If you want to create your own customised tees, you can rely on Shirtworks’ T-shirt printing expertise. As custom clothing specialists, we can print your choice of image/text onto your choice of t-shirt or other clothing – let your imagination run wild!

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