Sustainable, environmentally friendly sportswear for screen printing and embroidery?………..Nearly!!


Don’t get too excited.

I am not about to unveil a new ‘white label’ range of environmentally friendly and sustainable sportswear for your 21st century sports brand just yet.

All I am going to do is offer you a glimmer of the near future and to let you know that I think it is coming very soon.

The future is called SORONA.

It sounds like a beautiful woman or mystical place high up in a misty mountain range but it is the brand name for something less sexy sounding and about to become the new nylon, the new polyester. Triexta (polytrimethylene terephthalate) is a glucose polymer derived from corn containing 37 percent renewable plant based ingredients. It is a sustainably sourced, high-performance fiber that uses 30 percent less energy and releases 63 percent less greenhouse gas emissions during manufacture, compared to the commonly used NYLON 6.

It is going to be the next buzzword for sportswear manufacturers and consumers, in the way that GORTEX and KEVLAR and LYCRA became common words in our vocabularies as we swallowed the cool aid and made our way to the retailers.

The closest we can get to sampling a garment which uses this material is with Stanley Stella’s new body warmer they call the ‘HIKES‘.

Although this garment is not made 100% from this new material, it does boast that it is made from 100% recycled material. The insulation is made from

Sorona with a recycled polyester outer.

There is an internal pocket, an access zip for embroiderers to get inside the outer shell and a larger than normal quilted panel on the chest for a logo to be printed, transferred or embroidered.

Stanley Stella have decided to not go overboard on the amount of insulation used in order to keep a closer fit.

The fit is exceptional, tight and tailored, offering an athletic silhouette.

This means it could easily be worn underneath an outer garment as a warmth layer, easily removed, compressed and stuffed into your handbag or manbag while you party at the TOOMANYZOOS gig and then ride the public transport back to your crash pad, all warm and cosy.

Check out Lucianas video on a Shirtworks night out.

It comes in 4 ‘earthy’ colours in a male (Hikes) and female (Walks) fit.

If you don’t like the body warmer configuration, it also comes in a full sleeve version.

Shirtworks has been a leading stockist of this brand for the last 5 years and has watched it be the innovator in the printables market, introducing more fashionable, more sustainable and more desirable products.

In the very near future we hope to be able to offer sportswear which is either made from SERONA or 100% recycled products such as the SALVAGE leisure wear range. Stay tuned, they must be out there somewhere.

If you need any advice on developing your brand through the use of printed or embroidered garments, call the experts.

Author: Arron Harnden

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