Summer is coming….your business needs a peaked hat with your logo printed or embroidered.


It’s getting pretty intense if your peak is designed to protect you from falling arrows.

If you research the history of the peaked hat, you will probably stumble across Wikipedia and read that its genesis lies somewhere in the 18th or 19th century in Northern Europe where working-class men kept the sun off their eyes while tilling the fields and making hay etc…

This is a lie, an almighty cover-up that must be exposed like the CIA drone strikes and the reason the great pyramid was built. WikiLeaks better shape up, they are missing that the peaked hat is a much earlier invention and worn by blokes with swords and pikes to stop arrows from going through their eyes and to allow them to see the approaching enemy more easily as the clever commander of the opposing forces had positioned his troops to emerge at you from the direction of the sun. See image on the right.

Warfare spawns so many cool things. Big thanks to pugnacious psychopathic nations for bringing us the peaked cap.

If you are a runner or a cyclist you will know how valuable a peaked hat is when it’s raining or you might be a fugitive from justice and appreciate the peaks ability to hide you from CCTV.

So…here are a few peaked items that we love to embroider with your logo. 

The Beechfield BB10 has been around forever and is the basic ‘go to’ for promotional events. Great value and stylish enough to not be thrown away immediately by the recipients as something useless and cheap.

This custom cap has a single front panel with no seam down the center and this means it can be printed with a transfer or vinyl or can be embroidered. We always prefer to embroider caps as we feel a transfer or vinyl really is only best for very cheap giveaways or jokey birthday/stag-do type events.

The BB10 comes in a massive number of colours, 28 in total and the price is kept low by having a basic velcro closing strap on the back.

The Beechfield BB646 is a trucker style cap with mesh backing and a snapback adjuster. It has a seam down the front so we advise that embroidery is the only real option here.

We still think this is a cool item even though the concept was born in the mid 70’s, it still looks relevant and stylish even today. We sell this item mostly to skate and snowboard type brands. It has a ‘street’ feel and is a good ‘value’ priced cap if you are running a promotion and need to give something memorable away that is not going to end up in the bin.

It only comes in 7 colours and are mostly at the ‘earthy end of the colour spectrum. Olive, graphite grey, sand, black, navy, light grey and white.

The Beechfield BB651 has a lower profile fit that is a closer fit around the cranium. This gives a slightly different look to the standard height on the previous 2 products and means that it matches its name as an Urbanwear 6 panel cap.

The 6 panels means that it has a seam down the front so would only be embroiderable. A transfer of vinyl will not sit nicely across this seam.

The fastener on the back of this cap is a little bit surprising given its ‘urban’ description as it is a slightly traditional looking sliver buckle rather than a Flexfit style you might expect.

It comes in 4 colours, Black, light grey, navy and warm sand. 

The Sols 01663 is a new style of peaked hat that moves away a little from the standard baseball style peaked cap. It’s hard to pigeon hole this as a style of cap that is linked with a particular demographic but we do see some vintage motorcycle brands and there is an emerging market of what we call ‘Dad’ brands which are taking this up. 45 is the new 25 with disposable income.

The 5 panel construction offers a single low profile panel on the front for an embroidery design or a transfer or vinyl.

The fastener on the back of this cap is a small plastic buckle with metal eyelets on the side panels and this cap comes in 3 basic colours. Black,navy and umber..which is a green/brown colour.

The Sols 01662 is similar in style to the previous cap but it has a ‘two-tone’ effect which we want to bring to your attention. This is not unique and we do have many other ‘contrast’ styles but this style is new and could be a popular style going into 2020

The 5 panel construction offers a single low profile panel on the front for an embroidery design or a transfer or vinyl.

The fastener on the back of this cap is a small plastic buckle with metal eyelets on the side panels and this cap comes in 3 basic colours. Charcoal/black, Charcoal/burgundy,Charcoal/French navy.

The peak is a ‘flat style’. This has been the emerging style for a few years now.

The BB676 has a marl effect which you don’t see that often and which makes this a favourite with the cross-fitters who love this type of look with their active wear.

The 6 panel construction means that the centre seam down the front makes this embroiderable only.

This is a ‘stretch-fit cap which is the same as a ‘Flexfit’, it has a curved peak which is black on the underside and it comes in some bright colours like turquoise and pink as well as the more subdued red and grey and royal. The peak is ‘pre-curved’ 

 The BB682 is the hipster ‘go to’ for 2020 or the emerging ‘Yuccie’ might totally dig this. It is called the Heritage cord cap and your Elmer Fudd of the cap world. It gives off a vintage vibe which the Young Urban Creative can easily fit into their style wardrobe. If you are confused about what a YUCCIE is then its just a HIPSTER with more tattoos who loves to get rich from their creativity, apparently.

Anyway, we like this cap and it can be embroidered and it comes in 4 dark and earthy colours with a silver buckle fastener on the back.

It is a little bit ‘unstructured’ which gives it a soft floppy feel.

 The CM603 is described as a CAFE CAP but we have no idea why. It looks like a US military cap minus the camouflage. It has a velcro tear release fastener, a couple of brass eyelets on each side panel and a pre-curved peak.

We feel like it would suit the ECO URBANITE or maybe the more socially conscious YUCCIE.

It comes in some earthy colours like Brick and Pepper and Khaki and can be embroidered on the front and on each side if you are careful to avoid the eyelets.

We have just shown you some different styles to allow you to see some of what we offer.

We have over 200 different types of caps or indeed other styles of hats and beanies.

If you need some advice on what process is suitable for each of the products on our site then there is a small description under each product code as you find them on our site.

Check out our FLEXFITS if that is what has brought you here.

As always, we have an expert team of sales staff who can provide assistance.

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