Salvage Recycled Clothing

100% Recycled Clothing by Salvage


We are proud to announce that we have expanded our range of custom sustainable and environmentally friendly clothing with 100% recycled T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and bags by Salvage.

Salvage’s unique production process creates a product that is both sustainable and high quality. Used plastic bottles are recycled, creating polyester, which is then combined with offcuts from organic cotton production that have been shredded and processed. The two materials are weaved in to a poly/cotton yarn that is knitted and woven to produce their clothing and accessories.

All Salvage clothing is Global Recycle Standard and Organic Blended Content Standard Certified.

Salvage’s ethos perfectly matches our own; at Shirtworks we strongly believe in ethical business practices and sustainable manufacturing processes. With ever increasing importance being placed on social and environmental responsibility, and our long term effects on the globe, we are extremely proud to offer our customers a range of organic and fair trade products.

Tackling the Issues of Cotton Production

Cotton and clothing production has often been associated with unethical practice, with low-cost child labour being linked to even the largest of clothing manufacturers. Deforestation and negative environmental impact is also a large concern of modern consumers and businesses.
We strive to buck this trend, supplying customisable clothing from a range of brands with ethical and sustainable production processes, with many of our suppliers adhering to Fair Trade Foundation, Fair Wear Foundation, Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production, and Oeko-Tex guidelines and requirements. We have achieved certification by the Soil Association as a supplier of organic clothing and products using decorated organic processes. This makes Shirtworks the only T-Shirt printer and embroiderer in Europe with Soil Association Accreditation.

Organic and Recycled T-Shirt Printing & Embroidery

We offer a wide range of printing and embroidery services with all of our organic, recycled and sustainable garments. These include digital printing, screen printing, embroidery and custom labelling/branding.

Our printing and embroidery operations are in-house; we are happy to offer advice on your artwork, garment choice, and printing technique. For more information on our custom organic T-shirts, please get in touch today.

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