Every day has its day… these days.


Every day has its day these days.

If you get what I mean? Probably not.

What we mean is that there are sooo many causes and celebrations and plain nonsense that need a special day that you would be forgiven for not having a single scooby that they even existed or were in fact imminent.

September has quite a busy schedule and each one of these days presents an opportunity to help raise awareness by the use of T-shirts.

There are some sad days, some culturally sensitive days and some totally comical days which can all take advantage of the walking billboard that a t-shirt can become on the run up to those days and as a celebration of the day itself.

Gotta be careful though…in an increasingly globalised community, one mans celebration is another mans misery and you could be neighbors. We should all be able to laugh the past off though, eh?

The 2nd of September is victory over Japan day if you happen to be in the USA. You could argue that the defeat of imperialist Japan with ambitions to subjugate the round eyes and spread the rising sun over the pacific and into the west deserved an atomic obliteration…. or you might say that some poor buggers with nothing to do with the conquest ambitions of a group of pugnacious mad men took the blast and heat wave of a psychotic device of mass destruction that was mostly a test case for an emerging superpower to prove it had the destructive will to flex big time in a global playground so that a kind of ‘peace through the projection of superior fire power’ dynamic could exist. Yeesh.. 

Anyway, that would be a difficult t shirt design to pull off.

One design that would work and which we can all agree is a note worthy day is Suicide Prevention day on Sept 10th. No-one can get offended about that and we probably all know someone who has taken their own life. It is super sad to think that some people that you love and see everyday might be struggling with something so horrendous to them that it brings on the end at their own hand. A cuddle and a talk and a cup of tea might have fixed a few things.

Some celebratory days that totally deserve to have their own t-shirts are irrefutable.

International talk like a pirate day cannot be missed on Sept 19th.

Unless you happen to be the ancestors of some poor seaman who was brutally murdered by Blackbeard or you have sailed around the East coast of Africa in the last decade.

You do have the choice then to talk like a 16th century seaman with some ‘ YO-HO-HO me hearties’ thrown in or you can try a Somalian accent…………..ok, someone somewhere is gong to be upset by that one but comedy needs to walk a dangerous tightrope to work, right?

Here are some key dates for your diary. Start planning the artwork now and hit us up for a quote.

Victory over Japan day 2nd Sept

Suicide prevention day 10th Sept

Forgiveness day 7th Sept

World first aid day 14th Sept

World Ozone day 16th Sept 

International talk like a pirate day 19th Sept

World Alzheimers day 21st Sept

World contraception day 26th Sept

World rabies day 28th

We have glossed over the 16th because that one is a tired cliche right now. It needs a re-brand.

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Any questions, our expert staff can assist.

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