Not all T-Shirts are equal

In today’s highly competitive world of T-Shirt printing everyone wants to get the cheapest possible product but are you getting the best value for money?
Often a customer will see the weight of a t-shirt and think that they are getting the best t-shirt because it heavier than the more expensive one. WRONG
Weight isn’t everything. Cheaper promotional t-shirts tend to be made from carded cotton which is a mixture of ragged fibers that are shorter and thicker than combed or ring spun cotton. This produces a t-shirt with a looser knit and is courser to touch than ring spun cotton.
Combed or ring spun cotton takes out the weak fibres, but means that to get the same weight in cotton as carded you need to use more cotton as the weaker cotton is discarded. This process also is more time consuming and is the reason why you expect to pay a little more.
The quality of the cotton can also have a massive effect on the quality of the print or embroidery that goes onto the shirt, especially with detailed prints. When we screen print your designs we print onto the surface of the shirt so the smoother the surface is the better detail we can get onto the shirt. You wouldn’t paint wood without first sanding it down, well using a ringspun or combed cotton t-shirt is like having the wood sanded instead of painting directly onto unto unprepared surface. No where is this more apparent than digital printing. The quality of the shirt will be the difference between a great looking print and a dull one.
The other process in the making of the t-shirt that effects quality is how the garment is dyed. Cheaper T-Shirts tend to be sulphur dyed which produces less vibrant colours and tends not to be as colourfast, whereas more expensive shirt will be reactive dyed which gives great vibrancy colourfastness.
There are some exceptional value for money T-Shirt out there and if you stick to the main brands then you shouldn’t be disappointed with your choice, but quite often it is worth spending that little bit extra to get a t-shirt that your customers want to keep on wearing and keep on showing off your brand.
Bella Canvas have compared their cotton under the microscope in this diagram and it shows that sometimes it’s worth paying that little bit more. Image Source

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