How much does team-wear cost and how to save

custom team-wear

So, you belong to a sports team but don’t have your own team-wear that you can wear with pride? Or maybe the last ones you bought have been so badly treated you’re verging on it becoming a crime against fashion! 

Well you, like many others are not alone. There are lots of reasons to not update your team-wear every year but, really, when you think about team-wear you’re thinking about the total cost over anything else. 

Today we’re going to talk about how much personalised team-wear costs and how you can save money. 


It depends on your sport 

Team-wear has different costs for different sports. Depending on what sport you play you will have to think about the total costs which will include, embroidery, logos, transfers and or prints. In effect, you need to look at the plain price and then what the additional costs are. 


Football, Cricket, Rugby start with the basics 

Firstly, for something like cricket, you are restricted to just one colour – especially for the game played on fields across the UK at the weekends and in schools. Cricket whites start at roughly £40 including tops and bottoms. When you add embroidery or transfer logos, this price is set to increase. 

Football and rugby equally have variances and differences between one another not only on the pitch but also in team apparel. Fundamentally knowing what your requirements are and what you want your final look to be, then only then will you be able to start budgeting for your new team apparel. 


So how can you save money on team-wear? 

There are quite a few suggestions to reduce the cost of your team-wear. We are going to go through a few different options, these include;

  • Embroidery style

Digital printing is cheaper than embroidery, consider this option when you are costing your total design.

  • Colours and Font 

You want to think about the amount of colours on the top/bottom/tracksuit and limiting where you can. Remember, the fewer the colours the better. Also, if you’re using fonts/writing on your tops, be sure to go for a print version and limiting the amount of fonts or writing to ensure that you can keep costs low. 

  • Reduce the amount of customisation 

One of the big cost increases is the amount of customisation’s you make. Whether you are doing it on the front or back or on both, you want to limit the amount of customisation to reduce your total costs. Think about fewer colours or less printing. 

  • Buy in bulk! 

One of the best ways to reduce the total cost of your team-wear is to buy in bulk. It could be that to get the price down you buy an extra 10 pieces, but this can reduce the amount significantly over an order. 

To summarise, your custom sportswear is an important investment and by following simple rules will allow you to keep your costs to a minimum. Focus on your design and buy in bulk to reduce total costs. 

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