Growing trends for activities spawn lifestyles which spawn brands.


Humans are an obsessive and enquiring species.

Often rarely satisfied, we like to fill the spare capacity in our lives with activities and passions that exercise our curiosity and which help to define us and ‘complete’ us in a way that working life rarely can.

I suppose it is part of the condition which has ensured our success as the apex predator and expert adapter to hardship and extinction. Being curious about different ‘stuff’ and then exploring it, practicing it, hopefully becoming expert at it.

‘Stuff’ and ‘things’ often attach themselves to certain age groups and demographics.

Fitness and wellbeing seem to be the zeitgeist for the 21st century and although it appears that everybody is at it, the truth is that the money and the numbers are in the females of generation X.

The X demographic is the volumous offspring of the boomers and parents to the millennials. Now in their early to late 40’s with cash and time to burn and needing something to get their teeth into.

If the ‘X’ has taken care of themselves through their 20’s and 30’s, they might find that they gravitate towards the more ‘martial’ forms of sweaty exertion which have made a recent comeback or the cult of crossfit may have lured them off the sofa. Many will have recognised that the ‘kinetic’ days are over and they need to stretch and hold and breath and relax with one of the oldest forms of exercise of all……

Yoga is still predominantly a female pursuit but there is growth in the numbers of male beginners. Many will feel it the soft option but anyone who has attended a class will quickly recognise that the strength and flexibility required to practice it expertly is unexpected and often unattainable to your average couch surfer and even your hardened gym attendee who has been lifting weights and powering the elliptical runner.

Yoga is not just an hour of uncomfortable poses, breathing and poise, it is also a way of life with a spiritual element and……….now merchandise.

Shirtworks has seen a swell of demand from this sector with established yoga classes and instructors looking to expand their small businesses and create a ‘lifestyle brand’ for those that are embracing the way of life.

The easy access to organic ‘ethical fashion’ and flattering activewear tailored garments means that a yoga brand can be created in very little time, requiring very little expertise or development.

Transforming a blank garment into a yoga garment is easily done with a single word, some Sanskrit text or image from ancient Indus-Sarasvati sources.

Namaste, Ahimsa, Ananda are just some of the positive spiritually loaded words that can turn a sweatshirt into a statement.

And this is the beauty of Yoga.

It is positive, it is love, and it is respect.

Sentiments like this, adorned on anything, turn them into objects that convey a positive mood. Everyone like to buy ‘positive’.

If you are looking to create a yoga brand, here are some garments that will help you on the journey.

As always. The experts at Shirtworks are on standby to offer t shirt printing and embroidery advice with these products.

Author: Arron Harnden

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