For the Social Sec: How to Plan the Perfect Team Social


As every student knows, there are two golden rules to follow when you want to make the most of university life: work hard and play hard! This is especially true if you are the social secretary for one of the diverse range of student clubs and societies at UK universities.

You need strong organisational skills and a great sense of humour in order to run a successful event that will bring your team members closer together, celebrate their achievements, raise money and create fantastic memories.

Whether you are social sec for a uni rowing club, film society, choir or a more unusual student group, keep these key steps in mind to help your event go without a hitch.

Save the Date

Start planning your team social as far in advance as possible in order to help ensure that your team members’ diaries won’t already be full. Offer everyone a selection of dates, avoiding clashes with other student events, and go for the date that is convenient for the largest number of people. To help ensure that team members don’t forget about the event, send them ‘save-the-date’ cards, as well as reminders nearer the time.

Try Something New

Don’t settle for a pub quiz just because that is what the team usually ends up doing. Chat to your team members for inspiration. What activities would they love to try? Where haven’t they been before? Do they have any unusual hobbies? Check out some local attractions and venues, so that you have a few ideas up your sleeve to get the ball rolling. Paintballing, spa days, treasure hunts – the opportunities are limited only by your imagination! 

Choose a Theme

Give your event a quirky, imaginative theme in order to capture people’s attention and make it more memorable. Why organise a run-of-the-mill club night when you could have a groovy, 1970s-themed disco instead, complete with retro food and drink? Themes are a brilliant way to inject fun and personality into team socials.

Involve the Student Press

Ask your university’s newspapers and magazines to feature your team social plans in a forthcoming issue. Emphasise the qualities that will make your event stand out from the numerous other student socials. Perhaps you are donating a proportion of the profits to a local charity, for example, or attempting to break a record.

Support Student Talent

When designing tickets, decorating the venue and organising the entertainment, don’t forget the wealth of student talent on your doorstep. Live music, for instance, can pull in the crowds at a team social, but it is unlikely you will have a big enough budget to book the kind of act you see headlining at Glastonbury! Trust word-of-mouth instead: book a student band that comes highly recommended by friends.

Take the Lead

As social sec, you will no doubt have many responsibilities, such as ensuring the team social is safe for all participants, organising transport to and from the venue, arranging the catering, etc. You need to demonstrate strong leadership skills – but don’t assume you have to go it alone. Seek advice when needed and delegate some tasks to other reliable team members. Remember that a cheery disposition and gentle persuasion will work wonders. Your enthusiasm for the team social will be infectious!

Spread the Word with Customised Clothing

Publicity is the key to attracting as many students as possible to your team social – and ultimately raising as much money as possible for your club or society. However, posters can easily be torn down or passed over, while messages on social media often get ignored.

Why not promote your team social in a fun, individual way by ordering t-shirts, hoodies or other clothing from Shirtworks, customised with the event’s details? We have a range of customisable clothing especially for students at universities and colleges. As an approved supplier to the National Union of Students, we truly understand students’ needs.

What’s more, our bespoke printed and embroidered clothing can be used to foster a sense of togetherness. When t-shirts are customised with your club’s logo, for example, they help to build team spirit and make fantastic souvenirs for team social attendees.

To find out how Shirtworks can help you to make your student team social event a success, please give us a call on 0800 072 5334 or contact us online.

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