5 Thriving Sports Brands


1. Awdis

I believe this is the most catering brand that we offer. Most lines within AWDIS extend to kids, women and men. We find that their personalised sports clothing range is true to size and offers the best longevity for the price. Much of the range comes with tear out labels making them a great choice for those wanting to start the own sports clothing brand.

Jc001- just cool T-shirt is the most popular T-shirt amongst sports, Muay Thai, universities and other corporate events, the brand offers some weird and unusual colours. We feel this is why it is a fan favourite. The women’s version is jc015 and kids jc001b.

Jh001- just cool hoodie. A super popular line, we really love this AWDIS range, their garments can be dressed up i.e to suit a corporate setting or dressed down.

2. Tombo

We believe that this is the more fashionable line. All the garments can be described as “athletically fashionable” from the long sleeved tops to the fade out seamless leggings. Though some garments are limited to 2 or 3 colours, we believe that the brand still has a strong competitive edge. It is worth checking out especially when you’re sourcing a custom team kit for your team or starting a brand.

Tombo Ladies Sports Crop Top


Another small but powerful brand. The competitive edge and difference between this brand and all of our other lines are that the brand is catered towards a more youthful audience. The branding is very good, top quality stitching, a good range of sizing and styles to choose from. Like Awdis this is a great choice for rebranding for your own sports clothing range.

The brand offers really funky leggings for those of us who love our workout gear just that extra bit different.

4. Skinnifit

A more yoga centric brand with a laid back American influence. The fits and styles are made with the yoga god and goddess in mind. The garments are cut that little bit extra and then some making movement easy and comfortable, backed up with super soft cotton, polyester and elastin.

Our most popular shirt amongst the crowd is the sk241. Available in just 4 colours, which offer the buyer practicality and we’ll as simplicity.

5. Sols

A French brand, with European sizing in mind. A crossover brand, offering a variety between smart and casual. Great value for money. The colour variation offer something new and exciting. The women’s cuts are extra feminine and functional whereas the men’s offers simplicity at its best.

Most of the products the brand offers offer either a tear out label or no label at all.

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