Do you like to get high? Have you tried running the London marathon?


We all like to be comfortable. We spend most of our money and a lot of time creating an environment and a set of routines that help service our comfort. We like to be in an ‘alpha wave state’ where our brain emits waves of between 8 and 12 Hz. This comfort zone is like a meditative state and it feels nice.TV induces this state. It can be good for you but remember that too much of a good thing is bad!

The truth about you and your body/mind is that it needs to be stressed a little to develop neurochemical and physical responses which are ultimately beneficial. You need to get out of that state a few times a week.

Certain foods can stress your immune system just enough for your body to respond positively. This is called hermetic stress and broccoli is a good example. Every time you consume broccoli you are poisoning yourself slightly. Your body responds to this by activating its immune response, which helps to kill of cancer cells, and provides you with an anti-biotic physiology.

Another hermetic stress is exercise, and you need to learn to love it to get the benefits. You need to learn to be uncomfortable and a million miles away from that lovely alpha state to be able to reap the benefits.

Runners know this. They know that their brain chemistry changes during and after a run. They know that they need to induce some discomfort and controlled stress to get better, get faster, get fitter and get the neurological benefits that is akin to getting high.

Every year, these plodding junkies search for that hermetic stress and subsequent high by participating in the London Marathon.

26.2 miles around some of Londons most recognisable landmarks during a balmy UK spring is a bucket list activity for many, but here is the rundown on how to get high while you do it in style.

Shirtworks has everything you and your running club needs to kit out your legs and torso. All of these items can be decorated with your club logo or your sponsor’s logos.

We supply 2 major brands at mid-price and premium levels with Ron Hill and Craft.

CRAFT, as small selection.

The entry level ‘base layer’ is a very modest £9.49 ex vat as a plain item.

The CT021 has a soft feel and reflective logo on the left breast.

Polyester can be tricky to print, as there is often a dye migration problem where the colour molecules in the garment dye bleeds into the ink that your logo has been printed with. Shirtworks uses a dye blocking ink as an under base before it prints the highlight colour. This eliminates this problem to an acceptable standard, but not completely.

The CT33F is a ladies singlet with moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties.

It has a tailored fit and support side panels to fit the feminine shape.

It comes in black and red and is in the mid/lightweight range of 140gsm.

Shirtworks has a transfer system for complex multi-coloured logos which are soft to the touch, lightweight and robust.

The CT035 and the CT35F are essentials for the winter runner.

I can personally testify to the performance benefits in keeping your legs warm during a January run and we can all kiss goodbye to braving the cold in tight little running shorts.

Runners usually have great looking legs. That is one of the by- products of hermetically stressing your lower limbs.

This means you need not fear that you will look like a dufus. You are going to look good. Your only decision, if you are a male, is whether your package gets a showing or you cover it with a small pair of shorts. The choice is yours. We say show it off.

The CT059 Craft Active Convert Jacket is super light at 96gsm. Lighter than most T shirt fabrics.

This is a wind-protective and water-repellent jacket that converts easily into a vest.

Wind placket with integrated zipper garage, pre-shaped sleeves for optimal fit, easily stowable in jersey pocket.

One zippered back pocket. Zip off sleeve construction, elastic gripper at waist and reflective print.

Comes in black or neon green/yellow

This is a super comfortable jacket made of soft and functional Flex fabric. It is constructed with an ergonomic, elastic fit hood with technical draw cord. Two pockets on the hip.

Fabric Flex Fleece consists of defend denier polyester to create a snag free surface.

This gives the garment a different feel that has mechanical stretch properties; the closer surface fabric is slightly wind resistant.

This type of ‘technical’ has a price that reflects the engineering but this will last you a decade of winter running.

RON HILL a small selection.

Ron Hill has been making technical running clothing since 1970.

They pioneered the use of Gortex in running apparel and were involved in the development of Pertex, which is now commonly used in outdoor clothing, revered for its lightweight and warmth properties.

The RH006 is a slim-fit running vest which is made of 100% polyester.

It comes in 5 colours so there are plenty of options if your club has specific colours.

The RH004F is described as a loose fit.

This is good news if you are fed up with everything sports related seems to be all about being ‘fitted’.

This long sleeve garment can be decorated down the full length of the arms if required with screen printing or with vinyl.

There is a reflective trim and comes in a short sleeve and male variants.

Usual wicking properties that move perspiration away from the body so that it can dry out more quickly.

The RH022 is an excellent value running jacket in the £20 ex vat range.

Compared to the CRAFTCT059 product, there are some differences which mean the CT059 needs to be more expensive but the RH022 is a very close second at half the price.

It comes in male and female variants and 3 colours with fluorescent yellow for safety and visibility

Most running brands have leggings in their range.

Ron Hill has full length leggings with the RH041 and RH041f and the ¾ length show on the left which is the RH045F

These can be decorated on the hip easily enough or down the front length avoiding the seam.

If you run and you do not own a pair of leggings then you need to get on board.

The thermal properties of polyester, which fits close to the skin, will improve your comfort and performance on colder days

This is just a small selection of what is available

The marathon is only a month away so you need to start getting your miles up.

None of these garments are guaranteed to make you run faster or your lungs more efficient but they are guaranteed to make you look like you know what you are doing.

Don’t forget to stick those plasters on your nipples, tape up that little toe and load up on carbs (unless you are going ketogenic).

Some other general sports brands to look at are Spiro, Finden Hales and Gamegear.

Our full sports section can be found here.

If you need any advice, contact our sales team on or 01865 242434.

Author:Arron Harnden

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