Customer Spotlight: The Big Bang Restaurant

Restaurant Uniform PrintersRestaurant Uniform Printing

Shirtworks like to grease the wheels for local businesses by featuring our customers and friends who are in business, in and around Oxfordshire. This month our spotlight focuses on the amazing Max Mason and his fabulous restaurant, The Big Bang.

The Big Bang Restaurant is one of Oxford’s most renowned feasteries, and boasts a true gastronomic experience in the heart of the City. After a decade of successful bangers and mash, this charming and unique dining experience is celebrated by locals and tourists alike.

Originally located in Jericho, The Big Bang Restaurant moved to a central location at the Oxford Castle Quarter in late 2012, enabling eccentric proprietor Max Mason to produce an array of publicity stunts, including the widely celebrated ‘Oxford Beach’ that appeared inland over the summer months.

Max is almost as passionate about jazz music as he is with sausages, and invites artists and trios to perform on a weekly basis at the restaurant. Max plays the welcoming host to perfection and may even regale you with a tale or two from his Navy days – apparently they still keelhaul!

Bangin’ Uniforms

Restaurant Uniform Printing

Max has been a customer of Shirtworks since 2005 and was quick to realise that his staff needed to stand apart from the customers by wearing some sort of uniform.

Shirtworks provided Max with some hard wearing polo shirts with his logo embroidered on the breast, and his infamous cheeky slogan screen-printed on the back.

“We like Shirtworks because they are local, can respond quickly and their Soil Association accreditation fits nicely with our brand ethics for sustainability, local sourcing and high quality”

The staff at Shirtworks all agree that the ‘BRAVER BANGERS’ on the menu at The Big Bang easily win the prize for ‘most interesting menu in Oxford’ and look forward to their next visit in December to sample the Wild Boar and Pigeon variety!

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