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Andy Timmins

5 Creative Things To Do With Old Clothes


Innovations For Your Old Clothes 

I'm sure many of us are guilty of simply throwing away our old clothes that we never wear anymore. However by thinking creatively we can make those disused items last much longer and create a meaningful use for them!

We compiled a list of our favourite innovative ideas, some of which you may want to try yourself.


Using old clothes to make an apron is a really good idea, as it saves you from getting your current clothes dirty and therefore another load of washing. They can also be completely unique to your taste and style. The process of creating them is also very easy and enjoyable.

If you want advice and tips on how to make these, click here.


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Andy Timmins

Five Of The Best Ethical Fashion Websites

Here at Shirtworks we take our ethical code of conduct very seriously. We also know that our customers take their purchasing habits seriously, so we've put together a helpful short-list of five of the best ethical fashion websites.

1. Ms Wanda's

ms wandasThe tagline on Ms Wanda's site is 'looking good on the outside, feeling good on the inside,' and really that perfectly summarises how sustainable, ethical clothing should be. The successful 'Uber Blog' brings together a range of likeminded writers that all aim to change the world one article at a time.

Funded through advertising, voluntary donations and the sale of ethical clothing, they aim to 'clean up fashion' by raising awareness, and not just about the ethical options available but also by highlighting the damage that current fashion programmes can cause with examples such as the Bangladeshi factory collapse.

2. Style With Heart

style with heartStyle With Heart was founded by Gillian Osrin, a remarkable woman with 20 years fashion industry experience and an interesting philosophy. She says, 'it saddens me that the word 'fashion' often implies products that have a sell-by-date, designed to satisfy the latest impulses of a society that often values quantity over quality.'

The aim of Style With Heart is to bring together a selection of stunningly made clothes, jewellery and accessories that make you look and feel beautiful. However it is more than an e-commerce website, Style With Heart also offers interesting events, special offers and advice on sustainable living for anybody that's interested in ethical fashion.

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Andy Timmins

Digital Printing: The Impact of Technology on Garment Printers

digital-print-exampleHow Digital Printing Has Revolutionised Our Industry

Major advancements in technology impact every industry on the planet, and the garment printing industry is no exception to this. Fortunately, developments in printing technologies has positively benefited our trade and allowed us to provide even better results for clients on a grander scale. At the heart of these changes is the rise of the Digital Printing technique, and this article looks at what this means for the printing industry and the services that can now be provided as a result.

Traditional Garment Printing

Two of the more traditional printing techniques are Screen Printing and Vinyl Cut Printing. Screen Printing is the most popular method, and many of the printed garments that you will see people wearing in the street will have been created using this technique. Screen Printing involves creating a stencil and using it to apply different layers of ink, to the surface of the garment. Due to the time that it takes to set up a print run, Screen Printing is not usually appropriate for small orders, but is perfect for the mass production of detailed printed garments.

Vinyl Cut Printing is different in that a plotter cuts out letters or numbers and these are then applied to the garment using heat transfer. This technique is useful for sports teams who want individual names and numbers, but isn’t appropriate for larger scale orders.

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Arron Harnden

The White T-Shirt

Nice article on the classic white T-shirt that will make you more attractive!

If you want to up your chances of attracting beautiful women, you'll need to splash out on some expensive designer clobber. At least that's what most of us believe.

Alternatively, you could splash out on a plain white T-shirt with a letter T on it.

And apparently, you might be better off with the T-shirt. According to a new study, wearing such an item of sartorial elegance can increase a man's attractiveness by an impressive 12%.

Here's the T-shirt's secret and several more super-simple ways to present an altogether more appealing image to women.

Wear a white T-shirt

For the study, male subjects of varying body shapes wore a plain white T-shirt with a large black letter T down the middle, along with one bearing an inverted T and one with no T at all. The pictures were then shown to 30 female undergraduates between the ages of 18 and 25.

The results were revealing. A white T-shirt with an upright T on it increased male attractiveness by an average of 12%, but it had an even greater effect on the perceived attractiveness of men who were carrying a few pounds too many. Toned men were also seen as more attractive when wearing the T-shirt and upright T, but not by as much.

The researchers from Nottingham Trent University who carried out the study said the plain white T-shirt and upright T emphasises a man's V-shape - broader shoulders tapering to a slimmer waist.

The wider barred seems to emphasise the upper chest when upright, which accentuates men's optimum shape,  said psychologist Dr Andrew Dunn, who lead the study.

Toned men may get an attractiveness boost by simply wearing a well-fitted white T-shirt, which emphasises their natural v-shape.

Source of article

We have huge selection of white T-Shirts to choose from and you don't need to have the T on them! One of our favourites is the Continental Clothing Mens T

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Arron Harnden

15 Awesome Sheldon Cooper T-Shirts

We at Shirtworks are huge fans of The Big Bang Theory so we have put together this collection of our favourite Sheldon Cooper t-shirts. Underneath each Sheldon picture there is information about which episodes he wore the t-shirt in. Please let us know which one you like best by leaving a comment or posting on Facebook or Twitter.


1. Flash Athletic Shirt

Flash Athletic Jersey


Info: As worn by Sheldon in Season 1, Episode 8 (The Grasshopper Experiment), Season 2, Episode 19 (The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition), Season 4, Episode 21 (The Agreement Dissection), and Season 5, Episodes 1 (The Skank Reflex Analysis), 5 (The Russian Rocket Reaction) and 12 (The Recombination Hypothesis)


2. Violet Lantern T-shirt

Violet Lantern


Info: As worn by Sheldon in Season 3, Episodes 10 (The Gorilla Experiment) and 20 (The Spaghetti Catalyst)


3. Green Lantern Shirt

Green Lantern Athletic jersey


Info: As worn by Sheldon in Season 1, Episode 10 (The Loobenfeld Decay) and Season 3, Episode 18 (The Pants Alternative)




4. Superman T-Shirt

Superman T-Shirt


Info: As worn by Sheldon in Season 2, Episode 7 (The Panty Pinata Polarization)


5. Robot Evolution T-Shirt

Robot Evolution T-Shirt


Info: As worn by Sheldon in Season 1, Episode 13 (The Bat Jar Conjecture); Season 2, Episode 8 (The Lizard-Spock Expansion); and Season 4, Episodes 3 (The Zazzy Substitution), 10 (The Alien Parasite Hypothesis)and 19 (The Zarnecki Incursion)


6. Justice League II T-Shirt

Justice League II T-Shirt


Info: As worn by Sheldon in Season 1, Episode 16 (The Peanut Reaction), Season 3, Episode 23 (The Lunar Excitation) and Season 5, Episodes 5 (The Russian Rocket Reaction) and 21 (The Hawking Excitation). Note: this very cool shirt features rarely-seen superheroes Red Tornado, Martian Manhunter, Firestorm, Green Arrow and Dr. Fate.)


7. Melting Rubik's Cube T-Shirt

Melting Rubik’s Cube T-Shirt


Info: As worn by Sheldon in Season 5, Episode 11 (The Speckerman Recurrence)


8. Robots T-Shirt

Robots T-Shirt


Info: As worn by Sheldon in Season 1, Episode 9 (The Cooper-Hofstader Polarization) and Season 2, Episode 8 (The Lizard-Spock Expansion)


9. Kablaam T-Shirt

Kablaam T-Shirt


Info: As worn by Sheldon in Season 1, Episode 7 (The Dumpling Paradox), Season 2, Episodes 7 (The Panty Pinata Polarization) and 16 (The Cushion Saturation); and Season 5, Episode 10 (The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition)


10. Hawkman T-Shirt

Hawkman T-Shirt


Info: As worn by Sheldon in Season 3, Episode 22 (The Staircase Implementation) and Season 5, Episodes 13 (The Beta Test Initiation) and 19 (The Weekend Vortex)


11. Reddit T-Shirt

Reddit T-Shirt


Info: As worn by Sheldon in Season 5, Episodes 4 (The Wiggly Finger Catalyst) and 15 (The Vacation Solution)


12. Green Arrow Bullseye T-Shirt

Green Arrow Bullseye T-Shirt


Info: As worn by Sheldon in Season 4, Episodes 5 (The Desperation Emanation) and 20 (The Herb Garden Germination); and Season 5, Episode 20 (The Transporter Malfunction)


13. Damn 2.0 (Tron) T-Shirt

Damn 2.0 (Tron) T-Shirt


Info: As worn by Sheldon in Season 1, Episode 15 (The Pork Chop Indeterminacy) and Season 2, Episode 6 (The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem)


14. Batman Neon Gradient Color Logo T-Shirt

Batman Neon Gradient Color Logo T-Shirt


Info: As worn by Sheldon in Season 4, Episode 7 (The Apology Insufficiency)


15. Sheldon's Favorite - Manbot T-Shirt

Sheldon’s Favorite - Manbot T-Shirt


Info: Sheldon has worn this shirt in green, blue and purple in Season 1, Episode 14 (The Nerdvana Annihilation), Season 2, Episodes 1 (The Bad Fish Paradigm), 9 (The White Asparagus Triangulation), 11 (The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis) & 22 (The Classified Materials Turbulance); Season 3, Episodes 2 (The Jiminy Conjecture) & 19 (The Wheaton Recurrence); Season 4, Episodes 2 (The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification), 7 (The Apology Insufficiency) & 19 (The Zarnecki Incursion); Season 5, Episodes 1 (The Skank Reflex Analysis), 13 (The Beta Test Initiation) & 18 (The Werewolf Transformation)

We got the information for this blog post from SheldonShirts.com

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