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Arron Harnden

Does a T shirt printing/embroidery company really need a customer service element?

google search query

Does a T shirt printing/embroidery company really need a customer service element?


So....you did your Google search for T shirt printing companies and Google decided to present you with page 1 of your search results with 3 companies that had paid for positioning then one or two national companies and then the local options.

Google tries to be clever with its algorithms that determine how good a company is and whether it deserves ranking but it is not as clever as it would like to be and its technology has its limitations. It uses over 200 assessment criteria in its calculations and some human input but it is a flawed model.

All Google can see is a website and there is a whole lot of the business that it cannot see. Almost all of it in fact.

It is assessing a business in the way that you might look at a book cover and then decide without opening the book whether or not the contents are any good , worth reading and then worth recommending. It is flawed and often unfair.

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Arron Harnden

The Polo Shirt

What is the polo shirt all about

We at Shirtworks like to think of it as the ‘hybrid’, located somewhere in no-mans land between the T shirt and the formal shirt.

The basic concept is simple but the subtle varieties available in this product are worthy of some spotlight.

The polo shirt is something of a misnomer and its genesis can actually be attributed to tennis.

In the early 20th century, Rene Lacoste (pictured below) decided that he could not play his best tennis whilst wearing the traditional long sleeve shirt and tie. He set about designing and then wearing his own Jersey Petite Pique. The garment he wore in the 1926 US open championship is the model that all polo shirts hail from. Rene’s Chemise Lacoste company was formed in 1933 and began marketing and selling these garments in Europe and North America with the famous crocodile logo.

Rene lacoste wearing a polo shirt

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Arron Harnden

The journey of the T shirt through popular culture

Last century, in 1990 I saw a film.
I was 18 yrs of age, still impressionable, still trying to figure out who I was and what my outward identity would communicate.
An image in that film caught my eye.
It was a v neck t shirt.
Not just any v neck T shirt, it was a garment draped over the languidly cool frame of the actor Matt Dillon who was playing the lead character, James Fogle, in Gus Van Sants film about a drug addict turned robber to fund his drug habit.
A poor choice for me as a life and fashion role model but I was 18 and I was a young fool who, all of a sudden, wanted a plain white v neck t shirt. An impossible thing to buy on the high street in the UK in 1990.This unattainability made it all the more desirable to me.
image002matt 04
Everyday powerful images stream into our subconscious from the numerous screens that coexist with or current 21th century routines and

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Arron Harnden

The geographical and economic journey of your T-shirt.

Take a look in your wardrobe or chest of drawers. It is a statistical certainty that you own a T shirt.

What other product do you know of that almost everybody in the world owns?

The incredible journey that your T shirt has taken will surprise most of you. The human effort and energy expenditure invested in your T shirt and the small amount of money you have paid for that garment will surprise you.

The story about to unfold is a summary of a typical journey . We cannot possibly tell you all of them as not all journeys are the same but what is the same is the fact that the T shirt is a truly global, cosmopolitan traveller with thousands of miles in its passport and numerous personalities involved in its short life before it finds it home with you.

Your T shirt started life as a seed. If you are reading this in the UK, it is likely to have began its journey in

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Andy Timmins

The 10 Coolest T-Shirt Designs We've Seen in 2015


2015 is nowhere near finished, and we’ve already come across some of the best T-shirt designs we’ve seen in years. Whether you’re hitting a beach overseas, or staying at home to soak up the best of the British sunshine, you’re going to look fantastic in one of these T-shirts.

The Stussy Collage Tie-Dye

Stussy Tie DyeThis isn’t your 60s tie-dye, peace symbol T-shirt. These are all over tie-dye prints, splashed with edgy messaging, images of the fashion icon you want to be, and a lot of urban cool.

Colourways come in blue, purple, and red, while the shirt itself comes in a regular fit from size S to XXL.

The Oldhead Biker Logo T

Oldhead has hardly kept their love of all things snowboarding, skating and surfing a secret, so how wonderful to see their ‘Never Stop Riding’ logo below a motorbike with wings.

In keeping with the look of every classic biker tee ever made, this 100% cotton tee comes in simple black. The bike brown logo’s stands out in minimal but effective tan design, making this a t-shirt destined for a few appreciative glances this summer.

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