Arron Harnden

How to choose workwear uniforms

Coming up with a plan to kit your employees out with a uniform that reflects and matches your business needs comes with a few considerations. Here is a quick rundown of the salient points. 1. How swea...
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Arron Harnden

Beginners Guide to Embroidery.

When you are considering which decorative option is best for your project you will be presented with screen printing , digital printing , transfer and vinyl printing or embroidery . This article focus...
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Arron Harnden

Introduction to converting your design into an embroidery-able format.

When you send us your artwork or logo for an embroidery order for the first time, there is a charge to convert this design into a format, which can be read and understood by the embroidery machines. T...
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Andy Timmins

Embroidery Vs. Screen Printed T-Shirts - Which are Better?


When choosing the method that your t-shirts are going to be printed with, there is a vast variety of options, among the most popular being embroidery and screen printing.

With embroidery, thread is stitched into your custom made product, most often seen in products such as corporate wear, jackets, hats and golf shirts.

Screen printing involves a process that uses inks that are applied to a substrate. It is named screen printing because a mesh screen stencil is created for each colour in your design, through which the ink is pushed to create the finished effect of the design.



  • Embroidery is perfect for customising polo shirts and corporate clothing as it offers a high quality and professional finish.
  • Embroidered t-shirts tend to last longer than screen printed ones.
  • Developments in the t-shirt printing industry have meant that machines can embroider 2-10 pieces at a time which can save a great deal on cost.


  • Embroidery tends to be more expensive than other methods.
  • Complex imagery and small text may not appear as well represented by embroidered thread as it would by ink through screen printing.


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