Five Of The Best Ethical Fashion Websites

Here at Shirtworks we take our ethical code of conduct very seriously. We also know that our customers take their purchasing habits seriously, so we’ve put together a helpful short-list of five of the best ethical fashion websites.

1. Ms Wanda’s

ms wandasThe tagline on Ms Wanda’s site is ‘looking good on the outside, feeling good on the inside,’ and really that perfectly summarises how sustainable, ethical clothing should be. The successful ‘Uber Blog’ brings together a range of likeminded writers that all aim to change the world one article at a time.

Funded through advertising, voluntary donations and the sale of ethical clothing, they aim to ‘clean up fashion’ by raising awareness, and not just about the ethical options available but also by highlighting the damage that current fashion programmes can cause with examples such as the Bangladeshi factory collapse.

2. Style With Heart

style with heartStyle With Heart was founded by Gillian Osrin, a remarkable woman with 20 years fashion industry experience and an interesting philosophy. She says, ‘it saddens me that the word ‘fashion’ often implies products that have a sell-by-date, designed to satisfy the latest impulses of a society that often values quantity over quality.’

The aim of Style With Heart is to bring together a selection of stunningly made clothes, jewellery and accessories that make you look and feel beautiful. However it is more than an e-commerce website, Style With Heart also offers interesting events, special offers and advice on sustainable living for anybody that’s interested in ethical fashion.

3. Style And Substance

Style and Substance is a blog run by Lisa Barrington and Rose Arnold, who made a pledge to go for one year without buying a single item of new clothing. The mission was not only an aim for money saving and personal ethicality, but also to raise awareness for sustainable fashion.

The blog carefully offers up different information about the current fashion industry in manageable, well written posts as well as uses personal experience to explain to the reader ‘how easy it is to live a full and happy life without disposable fashion.’

4. Crafting A Green World

crafting green worldCrafting A Green World is part of the Important Media network and was originally established on the 19th November 2007 as part of the Green Options blog network.

The aim of the website is to create a focal resource for ‘organic, natural, and recycled crafty projects, products, media, and businesses.’ The website offers a myriad of different sources, involving tutorials and eco-friendly art supplies, all with an aim to encourage and aid the reader to live a more eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable lifestyle.

5. Daisy Green Magazine

daisy greenDaisy Green Magazine is one part of Daisy Green Media & Events Ltd and was created to aid people who ‘pride themselves in making informed lifestyle choices.’ The online UK based magazine follows several guidelines to living more ethically listed on their website, such as writing articles and offering products that reflect the principles in which they are passionate about.

The list of principles Daisy Green Magazine writes about is long and includes products made in Britain, vegetarian and vegan interests, natural ingredients, charity supporting, recycling/upcycling, fairtrade interests and ethical fashion networks.

For more information about our commitment to an ethical supply chain, get in touch with us by calling 0800 0725334 or viewing our ethics page.

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