A Commitment to The Living Wage


Generating Awareness About Fairer Wages

As part of our commitment to an ethical supply chain, Shirtworks have become the first printer & embroiderer in the UK to instigate the Living Wage program company-wide. From 1 December 2013, Shirtworks will be making the permanent commitment to fairer wages, and will be working to spread awareness of this important issue.

Living Wage is calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK, and employers are not legally bound to oblige. It is a voluntary program that has a number of benefits to all parties involved. According to the Living Wage Foundation website, from a study made in London, 80% of employers believe that it enhanced the quality of their staff’s work, and reduced absenteeism by about 25%. From the employee perspective, 75% reported an increase in the quality of their own work.

Managing Director Arron Harnden says, “Every business is trying to find cheaper ways of supplying a product or service in order to be competitive. The ‘race to the bottom’ on price always creates a negative effect for the customer through poor quality work or poor customer service. Some of the cheaper companies attempt to reduce their costs through their payroll by paying minimum wage but we believe that paying a decent salary is the cornerstone of a great business able to deliver the type of customer service experience we are renowned for. We don’t want to run a ‘sweat shop’, there are already plenty of those print and embroidery companies out there.

Together with an increasing amount of companies across Britain, we recognise that there is no place for an unfair wage structure, and that we need to do our bit to combat the issues affecting workforces locally and globally. Working in an industry where unfair wages are all too common, Shirtworks strives wherever possible to do the right thing throughout our supply chain.

Considering social responsibility is essential, and many of our larger corporate customers are delighted to align themselves with this philosophy. As we emerge from a tough global recession, we hope that more consumers are prepared to do more business with socially responsible companies, and we hope that more print companies, clothing manufacturers, and embroiderers will follow suit and improve their commitment to ethical processes.

For more information about our ethical supply chain and our commitment to Living Wage, get in touch with Shirtworks today by calling 0800 072 5334 or pop in to say hello.

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