8 Tips To Create A ‘Homely’ University House

Our Advice On How To Create A ‘Homely’ University House


If you’re a typical university student, your student accommodation consists of a bland, generic room furnished with the same bed and desk as everyone else in your building. The question then becomes, what can you do on a limited budget to add functionality and personalize your space?

Fortunately, you’ll find that a few simple touches can go a long way towards making your university space a little more homely. And when you feel more comfortable, those long hours of study will be easier to endure. Here are a few simple, inexpensive ways to add a little character to your space.

Invest in lighting

Good lighting can improve your study habits, and if you choose a stylish fixture it can also add interest to your room. You might want to raid a lamp from your parents’ attic for a personal remembrance, or visit a vintage shop for an antique look. If clean and modern is more your style, supermarket home-ware sections or Ikea offer interesting lighting choices that won’t break the bank.

Add extra seating

Add beanbags to the floor give a student room a funky vibe and provide extra seating for friends who drop by. You might also want to pick up inexpensive cushions online or in discount shops to add both decoration and extra seating. 

Include a little nostalgia

Especially for your first year away from home, a few nostalgic touches will help you adjust and keep you from feeling too homesick. A few carefully selected items from your old room at home can remind you of your loved ones.

Get organized

Keeping your place clean and organized will help you stay focused when trying to study and will also make your small room feel more spacious. Items such as a laundry hamper, cleaning caddy, and desktop organizer for school supplies can really improve the overall look of your new space.

Customize your curtains

Odds are your student room has a window covered by cheap blinds or generic curtains that have been ignored by generations of university students. By putting up your own curtains, you can create a personal touch and add visual interest to the white walls of your room. Choose from any number of looks, or make custom curtains using the fabric of your choice and iron-on adhesive.

Decorate your walls

Your walls will mostly likely be white or beige and completely without personality. But inexpensive posters can add a little flare and provide a visual focal point to the room. You might also put up a magnetic board or pin board and create a rotating collage of images. Including photos of family and friends can cheer you up when you feel lonely.

Add a rug

Many student residences have laminate or tile flooring instead of carpeting. This makes sense from a wear and tear point of view, but it can feel cold an impersonal. High quality rugs can be expensive, but if you can’t bring one from home or pick one up second hand, don’t despair. Many discount shops such as Wilkinson’s offer cheaper alternatives in all varieties of colours and styles. These may not last you a lifetime, but they’re great for adding character and a little extra comfort to your university space.

Check out a charity shop

If you want to stretch your decorating budget even further, visit local vintage stores and charity shops. This can be a two-way path, as you can donate items that you are tired of and pick up new things for your room. An added advantage is that you won’t have the same Ikea items as everyone else in your hallway.

With a little creativity and persistence to find items that fit your style, you can create a homely space you’ll enjoy, even on a small budget.

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