Stanley Stella Colour Chart


These are the current colours available from Stanley Stella across their range of different products. Some colours will only be available in certain styles of t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos or shirts. The pantone colours are the manufacturers stated colours and we cannot guarantee that they are an exact match. Please be aware that monitors will display graphic colours differently. Check out Stanley Stella's clothing range here.

Essential Colours
  • red pantone 200c
    Pantone 200c
  • pantone Bright-Red
    Bright Red
    Pantone Bright Red
  • tangerine-179c
    Pantone 179c
  • juicy melon
    Juicy Melon
    Pantone 163c
  • G-dyed-garment-canyon-pink
    G.Dyed Canyon Pink
    Pantone 694c
  • canyon-pink 639c
    Canyon Pink
    Pantone 639c
  • cotton-pink-699c
    Cotton Pink
    Pantone 699c
  • Pantone 698c candy-pink
    Candy Pink
    Pantone 698c
  • Canyon-pink-tie-dye
    Tie&Dye Canyon Pink
  • pantone-7513c-faded-nude
    Faded Nude
    Pantone 7513c
  • sunset-orange-163c
    Sunset orange
    Pantone 163c
  • G-dyed-fluo-pink-crush
    G. Dyed Fluo Pink Crush
    Pantone 1775c
  • raspberry
    Pantone 7635c
  • pink-punch-7423c
    Pink Punch
    Pantone 7423c
  • crystal-stome-7433
    Crystal Stone
    Pantone 7433c
  • Burgundy-pantone 505c
    Pantone 505c
  • purple-led-689c
    Purple led
    Pantone 689c
  • plum-pantone 7448c
    Pantone 7448c
  • lilac-peak-434c
    Lilac Peak
    Pantone 434c
  • lavender-dawn-7445c
    Lavender Dawn
    Pantone 7445c
  • majorelle-blue-tie dye
    Tie&Dye Majorelle Blue
  • majorelle-blue
    Majorelle Blue
  • royal
    Pantone 7685c
  • midnight-blue-7545c
    Midnight Blue
    Pantone 7545c
  • Dark-Washed-indigo pantone 533c
    Dark Wased Indigo
    Pantone 533c
  • french-navy-539c
    French Navy
    Pantone 539c
  • navy Pantone 7546c
    Pantone 7546c
  • Mid-Washed-Indigo-pantone 534c
    Mid Washed Indigo
    Pantone 534c
  • mid-indigo-denim-pantone 7545c
    Mid Indigo Denim
    Pantone 7545c
  • dark-indigo-denim-pantone 533c
    Dark Indigo Denim
    Pantone 533c
  • g-dyed-cadet-blue pantone 653c
    G.Dyed Cadet Blue
    Pantone 653c
  • Light-indigo-denim-pantone 5415c
    Light Indigo Denim
    Pantone 5415cc
  • azur pantone 7704c
    Pantone 7704c
  • Sky Blue pantone 644c
    Sky Blue
    Pantone 644c
  • pantone 628c baby-blue
    Baby Blue
    Pantone 628cc
  • citadel-blue-5415c
    Citadel blue
    Pantone 5415c
  • stargazer-pantone 7545c
    Pantone 7545c
  • ocean-depth pantone 7707c
    Ocean Depth
    Pantone 7707c
  • Pantone 5595c light-Opaline
    Light Opaline
    Pantone 5595c
  • caribbean-blue-324c
    Caribbean Blue
    Pantone 324c
  • Geyser-Green
    Geyser Green
    Pantone 753c
  • chameleon-green-pantone-346c
    Chameleon Green
    Pantone 346c
  • vivid-green-pantone 3268c
    Vivid Green
    Pantone 3268c
  • pantone-7739c-fresh-green
    Fresh Green
    Pantone 7739c
  • varsity-green-pantone-7473c
    Varsity Green
    Pantone 7473c
  • G-dyed-Fluo-Apple-Crunch
    G.dyed Fluo Apple Crunch
    Pantone 358c
  • scale-green-pantone-380c
    Scale Green
    Pantone 380cc
  • Fluo-lemonade-fizz
    Fluo Lemonade fizz
    Pantone 586cc
  • pantone-115c-Golden-Yellow
    Golden Yellow
    Pantone 115c
  • spectra-yellow pantone 7408C
    Spectra Yellow
    Pantone 7408C
  • yellow-mist
    Yellow Mist
    Pantone 7499C
  • hay-yellow-pantone-7766c
    Hay Yellow
    Pantone 7766C
  • moss-green-pantone-7747c
    Moss Green
    Pantone 7747C
  • khaki
    Pantone 418c
  • pantone 7771c British-Khaki
    British Khaki
    Pantone 7771c
  • light-khaki-pantone 416c
    Light Khaki
    Pantone 416c
  • glazed-green
    Glazed Green
    Pantone 7722c
  • bottle green pantone 7736c
    Bottle Green
    Pantone 7736c
  • scarab-Green-560c
    Scarab Green
    Pantone 560c
  • chocolate-pantone 439c
    Deep Chocolate
    Pantone 439c
  • roasted-orange
    Roasted Orange
    Pantone 7571c
  • Pantone-479c-Camel
    Pantone 479c
  • desert-dust-pantone-7528c
    Desert Dust
    Pantone 7528c
  • opal-pantone cool grey 7c
    Pantone cool grey 7c
  • G-dyed-lava-grey
    G.Dyed Lave Grey
    Pantone 7760c
  • lava-grey
    Lava Grey
    Pantone 430c
  • g.dyed-anthracite
    G.Dyed anthracite
    Pantone cool grey 10c
  • G-dyed-mid-atlantic
    G.Dyed mid anthracite
    Pantone 437c
  • anthracite-pantone 7540c
    Pantone 7540c
  • linen-grey-7540c
    Linen Grey
    Pantone 7540c
  • stretch-limo-pantone 426c
    Stretch Limo
    Pantone 426c
  • india-ink-grey-pantone 432c
    India Ink Grey
    Pantone 432c
  • Black
    Pantone 426c
    • natural pantone 7499c
      Pantone 7499c
    • vintage-white-pantone 663c
      Vintage White
      Pantone 663c
    • off-white pantone 663c
      Off white
      Pantone 664c
    • G.dyed-white pantone 5315c
      G. Dyed White
      Pantone 5315c
    • white

      Heather Colours
      • Cream-Heather-Pink-pantone 663c/7422c
        Cream Heather Pink
        Pantone 701c
      • mid-heather-red
        Mid Heather Red
        Pantone 663c/7422c
      • Dark-Heather-Indigo-pantone 5275c
        Dark Heather Indigo
        Pantone 5275c
      • MId-Heather-Blue-pantone 7667c
        Mid Heather Blue
        Pantone 7667c
      • heather-ice-blue-642c
        Heather Ice Blue
        Pantone 742c
      • mid-heather-green-624c
        Mid Heather Green
        Pantone 624c
      • mid-heather-Khaki-pantone 5615c
        Mid Heather Khaki
        Pantone 5615c
      • heather-sand-481c
        Heather Sand
        Pantone 681c
      • mid-heather-beige-7527c
        Mid Heather Beige
        Pantone 7527c
      • Cream-Heather-Grey-warm grey 1c/663c
        Cream Heather Grey
        Warm Grey 1c/663c
      • Heather-Grey-422c
        Heather Grey
        Pantone 422c
      • Mid-Heather-grey- cool grey 9c
        Mid Heather Grey
        Pantone Cool
        Grey 9c
      • dark-heather-grey
        Dark Heather Grey
        Pantone Black 7c
        Special Heather Colours
        • heather-black-orange
          Black Heather Orange
          Pantone 7608c
        • heather-neppy-burgundy-7622c
          Heather Neppy Burgundy
          Pantone 7622c
        • dark-heather-burgundy
          Dark Heather Burgundy
          Pantone 1815c
        • heather-cranberry
          Heather Cranberry
          Pantone 694c
        • ecru-neppy-mandarine
          Ecru Neppy mandarine
          Pantone 7604c
        • Black-Heather-Cranberry
          Black Heather Cranberry
        • heather-grape-red
          Heather Grape Red
          Pantone 7645c
        • heather-snow-mid-blue pantone 5275c
          Heather Snow Mid Blue
          Pantone 7645c
        • black-heather-blue
          Black Heather Blue
        • mid-heather-royal
          Mid Heather Royal Blue
          Pantone 7667c
        • Cream-heather-Blue-pantone 537c/635c
          Cream Heather Blue
          Pantone 537c/653c
        • dark-heather-teal
          Dark Heather Teal
          Pantone 7698c
        • Dark-Heather-Denim-pantone 432c
          Dark Heather Denim 432c
        • heather-eucalyptus
          Heather Eucalyptus
          Pantone 5405c
        • heather-snow-glazed-green
          Heather Snow Glazed Green
          Pantone 431c
        • heather-scarab-green
          Heather Scarab Green
          Pantone 5535c
        • heather-neppy-lemon-grass-618c
          Heather Neppy Lemon Grass
          Pantone 618c
        • heather-ash-427c
          Heather Ash
          Pantone 427c
        • heather-grey-slub
          Heather Grey Slub

        • slub-heather grey
          Slub Heather Grey
          Pantone 7541c/cool grey 10c
        • slub-heather grey
          Marble Slub Heather Black
          Pantone cool grey 11c
        • slub-heather-steel-pantone 422c/black7c
          Slub Heather Steel Grey
        • heather-black-denim
          Heather Black Denim
          Pantone 446c
        All over Print Colours
        • camouflage
        • leopard