This is our section of additional services such as labelling, tags and specialality printing inks

  • Label removal
      Label removal
      Plain Price from: £0.38 ex vat
    • Remove existing label and make good neck line..
      Product code: sew006
      Available colours

  • Cut and Sew
      Cut and Sew
      Plain Price from: £0.77 ex vat
    • If a label exist we take out old one but cutting across the existing label. There will always be some of the label showing, but this can be covered by the new label. .
      Product code: sew002
      Available colours

  • Unpick and sew
      Unpick and sew
      Plain Price from: £1.18 ex vat
    • This gives a professional finish to the garment and looks like the garment is a custom made garment for your brand. .
      Product code: sew001
      Available colours

  • Printed Inside Neck Label
      Printed Inside Neck Label
      Plain Price from: £0.59 ex vat
    • Label printed directly onto the inside of the neck, and is without a size label so brands like Stanley Stella, Continental Clothing and Mantis are best suited for this method. We use a grey ink for this as it works for most coloured shirts and doesn't leave any of the label showing on the outside of the garment..
      Product code: lab003
      Available colours

  • Hem Tag Label
      Hem Tag Label
      Plain Price from: £0.94 ex vat
    • Label is stitched on either the hemline of the sleeve or to the waistline. .
      Product code: sew003
      Available colours

  • Folded Woven Label
      Folded Woven Label
      Plain Price from: £100.19 ex vat
    • Woven label that is approximately 30mm by 40mm in size. This label is folded at the bottom and the edges are heat sealed to stop fraying. .
      Product code: lab001
      Available colours

  • GOTS Licenced Product
      GOTS Licenced Product
      Plain Price from: £1.00 ex vat
    • We are a GOTS Licence holder and are able to certiffy that you garments have been produce to GOTS standards and you are able to display this on your product. You are not allowed to say that you garment is GOTS certified unless you pay this licence fee. .
      Product code: gotslicence
      Available colours

  • Bespoke Charges
      Bespoke Charges
      Plain Price from: £10.26 ex vat
    • Addditional bespoke charges such as garment dye and custome trim.
      Product code: bespoke
      Available colours

  • Application of Swing Tags
      Application of Swing Tags
      Plain Price from: £0.24 ex vat
    • Attaching swing tags to shirt either using a kimbling gun or tie cord supplied with tag that is threading through label where posible..
      Product code: swingtag
      Available colours

  • remove labels
      remove labels
      Plain Price from: £0.00 ex vat
    • Label removal foc.
      Product code: splrfoc
      Available colours

  • Woven Circular Badge
      Woven Circular Badge
      Plain Price from: £3.12 ex vat
    • Circular woven badge with overlocked edges .
      Product code: WB01
      Available colours

  • International Shippping Charges
      International Shippping Charges
      Plain Price from: £10.26 ex vat
    • Addditional shipping charges.
      Product code: IS01
      Available colours

  • Embroidery Disc
      Embroidery Disc
      Plain Price from: £23.58 ex vat
    • An embroidery disc needs to be digitally created to instruct our embroidery machines on where to put a stitch and what type of stitch..
      Product code: disc1
      Available colours

  • Puff Raised 3D Print
      Puff Raised 3D Print
      Plain Price from: £0.27 ex vat
    • Puff additive to give the print a 3D raised look and feel.
      Product code: ink002
      Available colours

  • Discharge Printing
      Discharge Printing
      Plain Price from: £0.27 ex vat
    • Discharge printing is where the shirt is where we print a special ink that will bleach the garment. This means that the inks become part of the shirt, so give a softer finish to the print. .
      Product code: ink003
      Available colours