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Stanley/Stella Creator T-Shirt

Plain Price From: £3.20 ex vat

Unisex t-shirt that provides a more classic fit. A reconstruction of the leads (STTM528) the creator is a great everyday t-shirt with a slightly thicker 1x1 rib effect on both the collar and sleeves. 100 % organic cotton. Vegan approved, Gots accredited and fairwear foundation certified. Which means that not only is the creator a stunning garment but also very sustainable.

Product Code :STTU755
Material: 100% Organic ring-spun combed cotton Weight: 180 gsm
Black Heather Cranberry
Black Heather Blue
Baby Blue
French Navy
Heather Grey
Mid Heather Grey
Dark Heather Grey
Heather Black Denim
Cream Heather Pink
Heather Ice Blue
Dark Heather Burgundy
Cream Heather Grey
Marble Slub Heather Black
Heather Ash
Heather Grape Red
Mid Heather Royal Blue
Citadel Blue
Mid Heather Blue
Golden Yellow
Dark Heather Indigo
Royal Blue
Sky blue
Slub Heather Grey
Vintage White
Mid Heather Red
Heather scarab green
Slub Heather Steel Grey
Bottle Green
Bright Orange
British Khaki
Bright Red
Fresh Green
Caribbean Blue
Ecru Neppy Mandarine
India Ink Grey
Ocean Depth
Spectra Yellow
Pink Punch
Cotton Pink
Chameleon Green
Desert Dust
Scale Green
Varsity Green
Lavender Dawn
Purple LED
Black Heather Orange
Sunset Orange
Hay Yellow
Moss Green
Deep Chocolate
Roasted Orange
Dark Heather Blue
Heather Sand
Heather Neppy Burgundy
Heather Neppy Lemon Grass
Majorelle Blue
Geyser Green
Yellow Mist
Glazed Green
Mid Heather Green
Mid Heather Khaki
Heather Snow Mid Blue
Dark Heather Denim
Heather Snow Glazed Green
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Garment sizes are approximate and for guidance only
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WarmwashFor best results machine wash warm 30° , inside out.
NobleachDo Not Bleach
donot-tumble-dry Do Not Tumble dry.
No IronIf you garment is printed do not iron directly onto the print.
No Dry CleanDo not dry clean

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