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Bella Canvas Triblend T-Shirt

Plain Price From: £4.89 ex vat
  • Rib neckline.
  • Taped back neck and shoulders.
  • Twin needle sleeves and hem.
Product Code :CV3413
Material: 50% polyester/25% ringspun combed cotton/ 25% rayon Weight: 135 gsm

Suitable for both Screen printing and Embroidery

Grey Triblend
True Royal Triblend
Steel Blue Triblend
Ice Blue Triblend
Mauve Triblend
Light Red Triblend
Athletic Grey Triblend
Blue Triblend
Charcoal Black Triblend
Grass Green Triblend
Green Triblend
Peach Triblend
Sea Green Triblend
Solid Navy Triblend
Solid Black Triblend
Solid White Triblend
Aqua Triblend
Brown Triblend
Cardinal Red Triblend
Clay Triblend
Denim Triblend
Emerald Triblend
Maroon Triblend
Mint Triblend
Navy Triblend
Olive Green Triblend
Orange Triblend
Purple Triblend
Solid Red Triblend
Teal Triblend
White Fleck Triblend
Yellow Gold Triblend
Colours shown are for guidance purposes only
Garment sizes are approximate and for guidance only
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XS 31/34
S 34/37
M 38/41
L 42/45
XL 46/49
XXL 50/53

WarmwashFor best results machine wash warm, inside out.
NobleachUse only a non-chlorine bleach to stop garment fading.
Warm Tumble DryTumble dry medium.
No IronIf you garment is printed do not iron directly onto the print.
No Dry CleanDo not dry clean

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1 out of 1 would recommend this product
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