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Bella Canvas Unisex Crew Neck T-Shirt

Plain Price From: £3.12 ex vat

Great T-shirt in huge range of colours, it is longer in length than most t-shirt and slim fitting without being super tight. The arms are also fitted at the bicep, so will make those guns look bike. It has a rib neckline, shoulder to shoulder taping and twin needle stitching. Wrap certified production



Product Code :CV3001
Material: 100% ringspun combed cotton. Weight: 145 gsm
Deep Teal
Kelly Green
Forest Green
Team Purple
Royal Blue
Soft Pink
Dark Grey Solid
Military Green
Sand Dune
Vintage Black
Colours shown are for guidance purposes only
Garment sizes are approximate and for guidance only
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XS 31/34
S 34/37
M 38/41
L 42/45
XL 46/49
XXL 50/53
3XL 54/57

WarmwashFor best results machine wash warm, inside out.
NobleachUse only a non-chlorine bleach to stop garment fading.
Warm Tumble DryTumble dry medium.
No IronIf you garment is printed do not iron directly onto the print.
No Dry CleanDo not dry clean

Overall Ratings
2 out of 2 would recommend this product
- I just reviewed everything in the previous box, but to re-state, everything was really great! The product quality and the print quality is amazing and the order and delivery process was great too
- The quality of the material is exactly what I was after. High quality well fitted cotton.