Personalised Beach Towels

When packing for your holiday, a beach towel is essential item. Our collection of personalised beach towels are available in a variety of colours, allowing you to colour coordinate your beachwear and accessories. We can customise them in many different ways, from adding names, initials, or a custom design of your choice. They can also be used as a promotional product, allowing businesses to display their brand name or logo on a portable product.

At Shirtworks we are proud to offer a bulk discount on all of our products, allowing companies to order a large number of promotional products whilst making a great saving.

  • SOL' Lagoon Beach Towel
      SOL' Lagoon Beach Towel
      Plain Price from: £14.03 ex vat
    • Smooth white strips on each end for decoration
      60c wash

      Product code: 89006
      Available colours

    Fairwear Clothing
  • Kariban Velour Beach Towel
      Kariban Velour Beach Towel
      Plain Price from: £15.50 ex vat
    • Contrast white band at each end

      Product code: KB118
      Available colours

    Tearaway Label