At Shirtworks we are able to offer a full range of labelling, relabelling and bespoke promotional branded clothing services tailored to your exact requirements.



If you are looking to launch your own brand of clothing and don't want to commit to 1000's of shirts made with your own label we offer a relabelling service. There is a minimum number of labels that have to be made, which can be held by us and we simple re-label the exact number of garments you need each time so you don't have to commit to buying lots of stock. This means that with low volume digital printing you can launch a brand with only a small amount of capital.

Re-labelling is a two step process. The old label needs to be removed. Once removed a new one is sewn in together with a size label if needed. Some brands such as Continental and Anvil come with just a size label so you can use the same label for all the sizes. Others such as Gildan need either a different label for each size or an additional size label. The new label needs to be sewn into the collar of the shirt. To do this the collar needs to be unpicked, so even if we don't need to take an old label out we still have to unpick the collar, which is time consuming.

Woven labels

There are various types of labels, but the most common ones we use are woven fold over label that are sewn under the back tape neck line. The end stitched label can be sewn directly on to the garment, however this can also be heat applied which reduces the cost.

Prices will vary depending upon the label but the minimum of labels that need to be produced is 500 and will typically cost about £150.00, on top of that the taking out and/or putting in the new label is charged from £0.65 pence per label. Please email us your requirements and we will give you a bespoke quotation. We can also use your own labels if you have them already.

Please allow 7-10 days for the initial labels to be made up, delivery times of the finished garment may also take a little longer depending on the number of garments you orde

Printed labels

Printing directly onto the inside of the neck is another popular way of branding a shirt but it is subject to minimum print runs. Alternatively we can produce transfers and apply them only when required. This is great if you looking for a smooth scratch-free solution.

Usually, we screen print inside neck labels using a mid grey colour, with the pantone reference 435c. We use this specific grey because this will show up on on most light or dark garments. The light grey helps to prevent the print showing through on the back of white t-shirts.

You may choose an alternative colour if this benefits your branding, however you will need to discuss this with your account manager beforehand.