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Taped Back neck

A piece of material used to cover and reinforce the neckline. Can be self fabric of the garment or more expensive items might use a different material. The tape can just be to the neck or can run into the shoulders too which gives extra strength.


Is woven polyester that has been designed to draw moisture away from the body. It is water resistant, strong and very durable, because it is a lightweight material it is used in some of our sportswear range.


A coating that is applied to the fabric. It gives excellent water and stain repellent qualities without compromising the breathability of the fabric. The coating will stand up to washing and dry cleaning, however for optimum performance after washing, it is recommended that a heat treatment is recommended, either by tumble drying or a cool iron.


A fibre made from natural raw bio-degradable wood pulp. Environmentally and skin friendly Tencel® is also very soft and gives great moisture transfer properties


A material that is designed to keep warmth around the body. It provides excellent insulation from the cold without unnecessary weight or bulk. It provides comfort to the wearer as it is both breathable and moisture repellent and so making able to control the heat and moisture that the body omits.

Tubular Construction

Garment is knitted as a tube so there are no side seams to the garment.


Two yarns are combined to give a diagonal pattern, used in shirts and workwear as well as the traditional cotton drill training tops

Twin Needle Stitching

A double row of stitching at seams to give extra strength