Covid-19 Update. Our workshop and offices are closed during this outbreak. You can still get quotes and place orders, however deliveries will not be sent out until we are able to open again. At the moment we are able to send out plain bulk orders of Stanley/Stella, Continentel, Earthpositive, Fairshare and Salvage products. If you need to contact your account manager then email communication is available.


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A trade mark of 3M and it a reflective product designed to show up at night and in low visibility when a light such as car headlights are shone on it. Therefore making it popular with safety products.


This made from irregular cotton and gives a textured look to the garment and the cotton yarn will be of different thickness, which can give a semi transparent look on lighter weight garments.



Softsytle is a trademarked name for yarns that are produced by Gildan and are manufactured to give a superior printing surface than ring spun cotton.


Sulphur Dyed

Is a cheaper process of dying material, colours tend to be less vibrant and less colour fast than alternative dying methods.