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This occurs when loose fibres pull away from the fabric and form into small balls of fibre that stay attached to the fabric.


Pima Cotton


Is a type of cotton plant that produces extra long fibres which can be spun to give a superior smooth, fine yarn.



Is a man made fibre and modern polyester gives great durability and is comfortable to wear. Modern polyester that is used in our activewear range of clothing is both breathable and is moisture transferable or wicking as its more commonly known.


Type of smooth knit used for formal and casual collared shirts.

Peach Finish

Is where the fabric is lightly brushed to pull the fibres up to give a softer feel to traditional style shirts


The classic knit for polo shirt material, single tuck pique is most commonly used, but double tuck is also available which has a honeycomb pattern and softer to touch and better durability