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Ringspun cotton The name gives it away. Cotton is first spun before knitted into fabric, it generally will create a more durable, softer fabric. Making it an ideal choice for T-Shirts.
Combed Cotton

Combing the cotton uses brushes to comb the cotton fibres so they all lie in the same direction and short weak fibres are taken away.  The result is a stronger, softer fabric.


Belcoro® Yarn

Is a trademarked process of spinning cotton. The spinning process produces a yarn that is softer and stays softer than more traditionally produced yarns.  The finished fabric gives a better printing surface, better durability and washing performances and results in less piling. Fruit of the Loom use this fabric in their range of garments for printing



This occurs when loose fibres pull away from the fabric and form into small balls of fibre that stay attached to the fabric.




Softsytle is a trademarked name for yarns that are produced by Gildan and are manufactured to give a superior printing surface than ring spun cotton.


Jersey knit


Is a pattern used in the knitting of yarn into a fabric. most commonly used for T-Shirts



Man made fibres that are woven into the fabric to give stretch properties. Lycra is trademarked elastane product.

Open End Yarn


Is the cheapest way to spin yarn and produces short fibers that have a lower life span than other spinning methods.


Pima Cotton


Is a type of cotton plant that produces extra long fibres which can be spun to give a superior smooth, fine yarn.



Is a man made fibre and modern polyester gives great durability and is comfortable to wear. Modern polyester that is used in our activewear range of clothing is both breathable and is moisture transferable or wicking as its more commonly known.


This technology draws moisture away from the body, the tiny holes in the fabric lets moisture out but are too small to let bigger water droplets such as rainwater in. This results in a breathable fabric.



A tight weave which gives a smooth finish to the fabric. Generally the tighter the weave finish the better the print results are.


Twin Needle Stitching

A double row of stitching at seams to give extra strength

Carded Cotton

Is a mixture of ragged fibres that are shorter and thicker than combed cotton, cheaper heavier weight T-Shirts are often made from this type of cotton, which gives a looser knit and is courser to touch than ring spun.

Sulphur Dyed

Is a cheaper process of dying material, colours tend to be less vibrant and less colour fast than alternative dying methods.