Design your club unisuit

Designing your suit -

When you're starting out, the first thing to decide is whether you want any contrast coloured panels in the side of the suit. If no side panels are required, then your suit will be designed within the BORA template.

If you decide you want a side panel, then you can pick from the following:
• Basic straight side panel – choose CIRRUS (3cm wide) or RIDGE (6cm wide)
• Panel which is straight at the back, and flared onto the front shorts – choose SQUALL or CYCLONE
• Fully flared side panels (front & back of shorts) - choose CHINOOK or TWISTER

Design your club unisuit

The side panels can also be customised with your club colours into many different designs using the sublimation process. A design can even run from the side panel through into the vest –

Lettering is also a good way to display your club name or a sponsor. We can put large lettering down the stripe or panel on the side of the suit. The lettering can either be stacked vertically – and is therefore the same on both sides. Horizontal lettering is different on each side. We recommend that the lettering is read UP the left hand side, and DOWN the right hand side of a suit (our design team will be able to give you advice here).

The side stripes and panels can incorporate many colours/layouts - If we are replicating an existing design simply send us a photo or a description and we will endeavour to reproduce it.

We have many of the traditional layouts for the vests and stripes, such as split vest (horizontal, vertical or diagonal split), quartered, 2 or 3 hoops, diagonals and so on - but why not push the boat out a bit - almost anything is possible – base a design round an element of your club crest, or choose camouflage, flowers, geometric shapes, fading colours - let our design team work with you to come up with some new ideas.

Lettering can be also added to these layouts and incorporated into the design – let your imagination loose.
Club logos look best usually on the front vest section, and these will be incorporated into the layout, but can equally be reproduced in a larger format on the back of a suit without restricting the performance of the garment (think track cycling suits and the complexity which can be achieved)

Step 1. We recommend using a practical dark colour for this area. We stock a good range of colours in the fabric which is used for the shorts. There will be loads of possibilities for more colour, stripes, lettering etc, in the side panels (step 3).

Step 2. The whole vest can be customised in your team colours. Decide whether to include your club logo or sponsors name at this stage. Traditional designs such as hoops, diagonals, quarters can be reproduced but almost everything is possible - let our design team work with you to come to up with some new ideas.

Step 3 The Side Panel. The chance to complete your suit.
We have around 30 styles of side panel templates, you just need to tell us what colours you would like.