Continental Clothing Colours Charts

Continental/Earth Positive Pantone Colour Swatches

Continental, Earth Positive and Salvage share many of the same colours and there range is detailed below, some colours are exclusive to each of the brands. These colours are the manufacturers guidlines and are meant as a guide and are not an exact match. Always request a sample if you colours are very precise

Continental Clothing range can be found HERE

Earth Positive Clothing range can be found HERE

Salvage Clothing range can be found HERE

  • aqua-pantone-638c
    Pantone 638c
  • pantone-4485u
    Army Green
    Pantone 4485u
  • ash-black-continentel
    Ash Black
    Pantone 447c
  • acid-blck-continentel
    Acid Black
    Pantone black UC
  • berry-pantone-221u
    Pantone 221u
  • black-heather-continentel
    Black Heather
    Pantone 433U
  • pantone black c
    Pantone black c
  • black-marl-continentel
    Black Marl
    Pantone 426u
  • black-twist-Earthpositive
    Black Twist
    Pantone 433c
  • pantone-7546c
    Blue Twist
    Pantone 7546c
  • pantone 3435U
    Pantone 3308c
  • pantone 3015c
    Bright Blue
    Pantone 3015cc
  • pantone 497u
    Pantone 497u
  • bitter-chocolate-continentel
    Bitter chocolate
    Pantone 440c
  • pantone 209c
    Pantone 209c
  • camel-pantone-2310c
    Pantone 2310c
  • pantone 5467u
    Charcoal Grey
    Pantone 5467uu
  • pantone 1788u
    Pantone 1788u
  • pantone 446u
    Dark Grey
    Pantone 446u
  • pantone 242u
    Dark Heather
    Pantone 242u
  • pantone 201c
    Dark Red
    Pantone 201c
  • dark violet- pantone 2695c
    Dark Violet
    Pantone 2695c
  • pantone 5463
    Denim Blue
    Pantone 5463u
  • dyed-dusky-red
    Dyed Dusky Red
    Pantone 208u
  • pantone 8180c
    Pantone 8180c
  • faded denim pantone 646c
    Faded Denim
    Pantone 646cc
  • french-blue-7455c
    French Blue
    Pantone 7455c
  • Gold-pantone-2010c
    Pantone 2010c
  • pantone 43c
    Grey Marl
    Pantone 443c
  • pantone 312u
    Hawaii Blue
    Pantone 312u
  • pantone 675c
    Hot Pink
    Pantone 675c
  • khaki-pantone-378c
    Pantone 378c
  • Kelly-pantone 347c
    Kelly Green
    Pantone 347c
  • Light Blue pantone 277u
    Light Blue
    Pantone 277u
  • light Charcoal pantone 7545c
    Light Charcoal
    Pantone 7545c
  • pantone 376u
    Light Green
    Pantone 376u
  • pantone 421c
    Light Grey 421c
    Pantone 8180c
  • light-pink-677u
    Light Pink
    Pantone 677u
  • melange black pantone 433c
    Melange Black
    Pantone 433c
  • pantone cool grey11c
    Melange Dark Heather
    Cooll Grey 11c
  • pantone 347u
    Melange Green
    Pantone 347uc
  • pantone 3015u
    Melange Mid Blue
    Pantone 3015c
  • pantone 5395u
    Melange Navy
    Pantone 5395U
  • pantone 235u
    Melange Plum
    Pantone 235U
  • pantone 186u
    Melange Red
    Pantone 235U
  • pantone 346u
    Mint Green
    Pantone 346u
  • pantone 449c
    Moss Green
    Pantone 449c
  • pantone 7527c
    Pantone 7527c
  • pantone 533c
    Navy Blue
    Pantone 533c
  • pantone 300u
    Ocean Blue
    Pantone 300c
  • pantone 165c
    Pantone 165c
  • pantone 182c
    Pantone 182c
  • pantone 196c
    Powder Pink
    Pantone 196c
  • pantone 2607u
    Pantone 2607c
  • pantone 656u
    Soft Blue
    Pantone 696u
  • black
    Vintage Black
  • pantone 350c
    Vintage Bottle Green
    Pantone 350c
  • pantone 296u
    Vintage Charcoal
    Pantone 296u
  • Vintage Denim
  • pantone 185c
    Vintage Red
    Pantone 185c
  • pantone grey 1c
    Vintage White
    Pantone Grey 1c
  • walnut-pantone-7531u
    Pantone 7531u
  • white
  • pantone cool grey 1c
    White Twist
    Pantone Cool Grey 1c
  • pantone 5195c
    Wine Twist
    Pantone 5195c
  • pantone 106c

    Pantone 106