Why Choose Shirtworks?

Apart from the fact that we think that we are fab at what we do, there are many reasons why you should consider ordering your promotional t-shirts, branded clothing, and printed t-shirts with us as opposed to one of our competitors. Also read our survey statistics to see what our customers are saying or take a look at our Shirtworks staff page.

After decades of experience we believe these 5 reasons are what set us apart, both individually and collectively;

Our service – genuine service, not lip service


When our customers ring us we want them to hear our staff smile down the phone! Check out our short online video to see just what we mean.

Detail - The devil’s in it in the t-shirt printing industry


It is all too easy to get a design wrong, put down the wrong ink colour, wrong position or even the wrong size or colour garment. There are many variables in any order and we pride ourselves that our systems work extremely well in order to eliminate any mistakes. We use emailed digital mock-ups of your printed t-shirt on all new orders so you can see exactly what your finished garments should look like.

Quality – T-shirts printed to exceptional standards


Easy to say and much harder to produce. All of our processes are IN HOUSE which means we maintain absolute control over production and the finished products. Many of our t-shirt printing competitors are agents without their own machinery and who are therefore unable to offer this level of quality control.

Speed – your t-shirt printing done in just 7 working days


As our production is IN-HOUSE we do not need to have long lead times. Our usual fulfillment time is 10 days but usually, it is far less. But as happens on many occasions, if we have a customer, new or existing, desperate for delivery within a few days we will do everything we can to help. Our record to date was for a panic order placed on an afternoon which was delivered first thing the following morning – now that’s quick!

Belief – not just fabulous t-shirt printers


Here at Shirtworks we do not see ourselves just as ‘t-shirt printers’ just reacting to an enquiry or customer order. We see our work as genuinely fulfilling our customers’ requirements and priorities. These may include environmental concerns; last minute ‘panic’ ordering or just providing advice without a sales pitch.