About Us - Our Team


We believe that Shirtworks staff are the friendliest and most knowledgeable in the custom clothing, T shirt printing and Workwear sector. We realise that it's nice to also be able to put a face to a voice so here is a little more information on some of our fabulous staff! We might be serious about our business but we like to have a little fun too...

Arron, Managing Director

Arron - MD - 'I'm in charge'

Arron is the Managing Director but loves getting involved with sales and doubles as our WORKWEAR specialist. Arron likes sushi and biltong and is the world's number one expert in Underwater Shark Fighting. At the weekends he likes to dress up as a sailor. If you have a workwear query, contact him on arron@shirtworks.co.uk or call him



Luciana loves to boogie, her hair is 8 inches high, her nails are polished and ready for 'disco'. She loves cute things like puppies, flowery dresses and boy bands. She is a qualified fashion designer and know stuff about stuff. Contact her on luciana@shirtworks.co.uk or call her.



Raj is the beast from the east, and is one of our Sales Admins. He can lift a car clean off the ground but is gentle as a lamb. He loves eating out at restaurants and vlogging in his spare time. He has all the jokes and Oxfords largest collection of peaked caps. All the girls think his eyes are beautiful.

His email address is raj@shirtworks.co.uk or call him on 01865242434




Alistair's head is totally in the clouds. Not because he is a dufus but because he is 6 ft 8 tall and has to crouch to get through the doorway.
He likes to play base guitar in his thrash metal band at the weekends and has cultivated a really loud voice to be able to pump out thrash metal screams over the mike. He looks like a cross between a Viking axe wielding warrior and big bird from Sesame street with a voice that is designed to carry across the battlefield. He is an expert on band merch and you can contact him on 01865 242434 or email him on alistair@shirtworks.co.uk





Oana (pronounce: Waana) was raised in the foothills of the Carpathian mountains, she likes to come out at…only at night. She has tried garlic but it upsets her tummy a little bit.

She is a committed vegan but finds it really hard work, especially with all the red blooded males in the office. Oana is in charge of the artwork department which produces your mockups. Her email is artwork@shirtworks.co.uk or call her on 01865222434




Diane is a Libra and a cougar. She gets through men at the rate of about 1 every 5 years. She currently has her eye on Chris Hemsworth and is saving up her money for a plane ticket to LA where she is engineering a scenario where she bumps into him in Cosco. Her secret super power/geek credential is that she knows every film ever made in the English language with her all-time top favourite film being that tongue in cheek closet gay film, Top Gun. At the weekends she likes to belt out Whitney Houston tunes at her local Karaoke mash up. She handles our accounts like they are dangerous explosive, about to go off if she drops them. You can reach her on 01865242434